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Google Announces Android Excellence Program for Google Play

Jun 13, 2017

We have some exciting news coming from Google today, as the company has announced an Android Excellence program. This new Android program is something similar to the new program that Apple announced not too long ago. If you have an Android device, you should read on to learn more about the new Google Play program and what Android Excellence could mean for you.

Android Excellence Program Launched on Google Play Store

This new Android Excellence program is going to allow for the editors on Google Play to have more of an expanded role in the App Store. The main goal of this new program is to really show off what high-quality apps are available on the app store. The showcases that Google wants to put out there will be rotating, which means there will be new high-quality apps and games displayed on Android Excellence displayed regularly. This new program is also a good way to point out to app developers the types of games and apps Google is really interested in the developers putting out for the Google Play Store.

Google is going to be showing off high-quality app developers who excel in app aspects such as the device optimization, performance of the technology, design and layout, and localization of the Android system. Google said all of the apps that are recognized are highlighting all of the amazing functions and features available on Android devices. There will be two different groups here for this program, with one being games and the other being apps.

There will be a new Editors’ Choice design and layout, and this is where the Android Excellence details will be located. There are a ton of themes and such that will be used in making the lists as well, such as the best runner games. Once you get past the themed lists on the Google Play Store, you will see the Android Excellence Program below that.

Android Excellence Program Details

One kind of bad part about the new Android Excellence Program is that the items will be refreshed only quarterly. This is different than the Apple version of a similar program where the selections are changed all of the time. For some people, collections only being changed out quarterly might not be enough, especially when you look at how people on mobile discover new apps.

People like to look at the newest releases and apps, so this might end up being a little boring for them. The good news though for the app developers is that this could help generate more revenue for their games. If you are one of the games picked for the Android Excellence program, then your app is going to be displayed for a few months. For app developers, this could lead to more people downloading the app over a longer period of time as opposed to just a few weeks of highs.

There is also still going to be the Google Play Awards, which is done every year at the I/O Conference. So Google is still going to reward and recognize those apps and developers through the Google Play Awards as well. When you look at the Android Excellence collection that is out right now, you might recognize some of the apps and the names from being on the most recent Google Play Awards list.

There is quite a bit of commonality between the two things, after all, Google is recognizing the best of the best. There will be some differences among the Google Play Awards and Android Excellence though, so you should not expect that every app or developer will win or be recognized on both if they are recognized on the other one.

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