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Google Announces Android Go: An OS for Cheap Phones

May 17, 2017

Android Go is a new project that Google just unveiled at the I/O Developers Conference 2017. This new operating system is specifically for low-budget Android phones and it will be a lightweight version of the upcoming operating system. If you are on a budget and cannot afford the expensive Android phones, Google is hoping Android Go will be something you are interested in. We have all of the latest details about Android Go, including how it will work and the specifications that the operating system will have.

Android Go Is Solution for Low-Budget Android Phones

According to Google, Android Go will be the solution for the low-budget Android phones out there. When you think about Android, there are over 2 billion devices running on Android all over the world. Android Go is going to be the new project that Google will be working on, with the hopes that even more people will move to Android with this low-budget alternative.

Android Go will be the lightweight version of Android O. Android O is the next operating system coming out for Android in the near future. Android Go will have a ton of optimized apps and will also have Google Play Store. The real difference here is that Android Go will be focused on the low-budget and lower-quality Android phones. Typically, the cheaper Android phones are of low quality and cannot handle the specifications needed for a lot of the Android apps. This lightweight version will be able to run on any Android device that has less than 1 GB of memory, and it will be for people who have limited connectivity.

Even better, it will have a ton of languages supported when it is released, which makes it great for the national and international markets. Android Go will have Google Play Store built into it, and the apps on Google Play Store will be optimized to run on the lower-quality phones. Most of the apps will be less than 10MB in size and will work great on Android devices that have little RAM. There will be a data saver option in Google Chrome, which means you will not be consuming a lot of data to run Google Chrome on Android Go.

More Android Go Details & Importance

There will also be apps like YouTube Go available, which is the lightweight and optimized version of YouTube. There will even be a feature where you can check out the video before you load it up, just in case it is not what you are looking for. After you know this is a video you want, you will be able to even select which video quality you want with YouTube Go.

This means that if you were on a data restriction, you can choose the lower-quality videos. You can even download the video over Wi-Fi and watch it later. YouTube Red subscribers had this option, but this is something that is only available within the United States.

Android Go will be more focused on the international markets and developing countries. If you live in America though, you will definitely still have access to Android Go. There is no hardware partner yet announced for it, although Google likely has some in mind. This means that you will not find Android Go right now, but very soon in the future, it will be available. In fact, Google has decided to make an Android Go version for all Android operating systems beginning with Android O.

This new operating system seems to be what Google has in mind to get more people using Google Play Store and Android apps, even if they are on the lower-quality Android phones. This is also a good idea because it will get people on the same page, regardless of where they live. If you live in another country, you can get a cheap Android phone and run it using the lightweight version of Android O or an upcoming operating system. There is also the possibility that Android Go will get more users to upgrade their devices, since the concern for many people is lag and problems if they run the newest operating system on a lower-quality or older Android device.