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Google App Introducing New Feed Features

Jul 19, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing about the new features and changes coming to the Google app. The new features that are coming to the Feed on Google app will allow you to see more articles and content that you want. If you have not heard about the Feed before, or you want to know about the new changes to the Feed, read on to learn more.

Google App Feed Gets New Features on Android

The Google app on Android has added new features to the Feed app, which will give you more content and articles than before. The Feed app is what was previously Google Now, and the Feed itself is supposed to be similar to the Facebook Feed. The Google app Feed is going to be one of the main elements of the Google app, and the feed is supposed to give you alternative ways to digest a ton of news as it develops.

If you load up the Google app, you will notice the news articles are personalized for you. There are also pieces of information about the news article, and there are videos as well which come with the information. For people who are looking for more in-depth and detailed news, these new changes are definitely a positive.

We have been wanting more snippets of information from videos for a while, especially when we are in a situation where we cannot watch the entire video. Now, even if you cannot watch the video, you will be able to read a small transcript of what the news content is.

When it comes to the Google app, the Feed shows you these personalized articles and videos based on your own details and search terms. Any information that Google can find about you is what it used in order to show you these personalized news stories and videos. You will notice that on the Google app on Android right now, there are better recommendations for the content.

This will be shown to you through the topics that you have looked up in the search results before. For an example, if you have checked out Game of Thrones before, you can click on the “Follow” icon that you see in the Search. From that point on, you will then be following any and all news about Game of Thrones.

More Google App Feed Features & Changes

You will also notice that fact-checked sources will be showing up as well on certain search terms. These Cards will show you more information about the topic and more information about the sources. Google said that the Google app Feed will be all about content, giving you breaking news but also giving you news about things you are interested in. One thing Google did say is that content will be shown even if the articles or videos were from months ago.

If the content or video is something you have not seen before, even if it was from January, it will show up on the Google app Feed. When it comes to how Facebook works, this is a little different than the Facebook News Feed. With the Google News Feed, you will just get a ton of articles about what you are interested in regardless of how old the article is.

If you use the Google app Feed, then that is something you will need to keep in mind because you could be reading news or articles that are old news, so make sure you check the date of when the article was published.

There are some situations in which seeing outdated or old articles could end up backfiring, but hopefully it will help get you more content you would enjoy even if the content was from a while back and not breaking news.

You will also see the Utility Cards which will still be available in the Google app Feed. These Utility Cards, which previously were Google Now cards, will have a different tab. These will show up but they will not be the main or the biggest portion of the Feed like they were before.

If you would like to try the Google app Feed, you can download the new version of Google app right now on your Android device. If you have this app on your device already, you should already have the update or see the update hitting your device within the next few days.