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Google On App Renamed to Google WiFi & Updated

Dec 3, 2016

If you have been using Google On, which is an app that went with the OnHub WiFi Router, then you should know the app has been renamed to Google WiFi. This new app and change comes a few days before the official release of the Google WiFi the hardware product.

Google WiFi App Launches Ahead of New Router Launch

The new router, which is dubbed Google WiFi, will be released on December 6 and will be priced at $129. This is actually a really good deal for a WiFi router, especially one that was specifically designed by Google, so it could very well be worth picking up this year. Due to the impending release of this new hardware, Google decided to rename and update the Google On app. Google On was the previous version of the WiFi Remote Router Control app and it was first made available to the public in 2015. There was also a Google OnHub WiFi router that was available, which is why both the router and app went together with the same name. Now with Google coming out with Google WiFi, it is only fitting that the app be updated and the name be changed to reflect the new router product.


The Google OnHub router allows for people to remotely control their routers with their smartphones, and it was produced by TP-Link. There was also a later version released which was made by ASUS. Google ended up ending the OnHub router and app soon after launch in 2015, and then became more invested in Google WiFi hardware products. Since Google is now going to Google WiFi, it only was the right thing to do to change up the app as well and rename it to Google WiFi.

The new app, Google WiFi, will have some updates beyond the name change going on. There are now three different tabs on the top of the app and these will give you access to the entire app features in one location. You can still use the Google OnHub router with this app, as the name change and user-interface updates will not impact the compatibility with Google OnHub. In fact, Google said that the new Google WiFi products are all compatible with OnHub products, which means that you will be able to add more devices to your wireless network.

All of the devices and hardware, whether it is Google WiFi or OnHub were designed specifically so they could work together, and it does not matter which model you have of either device. This feature allowing them to work together and be compatible with one another will give you a better WiFi connection no matter which products you own or where you live.

The new Android update to Google Wi-Fi is still being rolled out across devices, so you might not have gotten the over-the-air update yet. If you would like to get the update now, instead of waiting until it hits your device, you can head to Google Play now and download the Google WiFi app or go into your app settings to update Google OnHub, which will change to Google WiFi.