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Google App Update Streams News Feed to Home Screen

Dec 6, 2016

Google App, a name you might not recognize, which was formally Google Now, is updating to provide you with streamlined news and information. It was four years ago when Google Now launched, and the promise was that Google would give you your news in a swipe instead of having to go to a news website. Well, four years later and Google Now has changed to Google App, but the promise of news and information you can swipe is finally here.

Google App Giving You News From Your Home Screen

Not only are weather and calendar notifications becoming a normal part of everyday life for Android users, but the news is also now in demand more than ever. The new update to Google App is going to give you all of the news you want right from your home screen. You will find that on the right side of Google App, there is “Upcoming” and on the left side there is “Feed.” The Feed side is basically giving you news and information Google thinks you want, based on your search history and other information Google collects on you. Upcoming is more focused on personally relevant stories, such as local news and other similar news you already have seen on Google Now.


The Google App update is rolling out now on Android devices, and although a small change, the Feed feature is something Google has been working towards for a while. You will be able to find all of the news you are interested in right from your home screen with the scrolling news and relevant cards you can swipe. Google App wants you to get personal and dependable information and news, and it will use things Google knows about you from your inbox, search history, and calendar to find these relevant stories.

The Feed area is similar to that of Facebook, except instead of the stories being what is most talked about like on Facebook, the stories are personally catered to your history and Google usage. This might be just the thing Google needs to do in order to get back into the news game, at a time when Facebook and Twitter have become a top source to find the latest news stories. For most people, this is going to be a way they can get the news they want without having to waste time wading through the news they do not care about.

The News Cards are going to be pretty specific, and if you are unsure of how good Google is at guessing what you want to know, well it definitely will get you a lot of information and news you are interested in. In fact, Google App might be so good at getting relevant news delivered to your Android device; you might become a little concerned about how Google knows all of these things about you. The new update to Google App should be hitting your Android device now, although it could take a little while to reach your device through the over-the-air update. If you would like to you can go ahead and download the latest version of Google App through the Android App Store.