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Google Assistant Announced for iOS Release Later Today

May 17, 2017

Google has just announced at the I/O 2017 Developer Conference that Google Assistant is about to go live for iOS. This is an announcement we have been expecting, so we are not too shocked at the fact Google Assistant is coming for iOS. We have all of the latest news about the I/O Developer Conference today and the news about Assistant now being released for iOS.

Google Assistant Releasing to iOS

The really cool news here is that iOS users do not have to really wait for Google Assistant to hit Apple’s App Store. When Google announced the news today at the I/O Developer Conference, Scott Huffman, the VP of Engineering, said that it would be available later today. If you check right now, you might not see it yet on Apple’s App Store. No worries though, since it will show up by this evening on the App Store. While Siri will still be useful on iOS, you can supplement Siri with this new Google Assistant feature. You will need to have the dedicated Google app to use Google Assistant, so do not think that Siri is going to be replaced here.

When you think about voice assistants, Google Assistant is definitely better that Siri, including the fact that Google can handle more complex questions. Google Assistant also comes with many various third-party integrations. Another good thing is that there are even more third-party companies involved according to what Google just said. You will also be able to connect various devices and control them with Assistant. A new feature is also that you can type out your questions instead of having to speak the question. This new typing ability would be useful if you are in a situation where you cannot speak, such as at work in a meeting or at night when you are in bed.

More Google Assistant Details

Google Assistant right now is available on over 100 million devices, and that number will go much higher with the new iOS support. This feature only will work in English, so this might not be the best thing for the international users. When you look at the various assistants out there, that is why so many people like Siri because it is available in multiple languages. The Pixel devices were the first to get this feature, but now nearly all Android devices have the ability to use Google Assistant.

The good news is that this product is about to support more languages beyond English. We are about to see Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, and Brazilian come to the Assistant. We also will see Spanish, Italian, and Korean within the near future. This will make it much more user-friendly for people in other countries, and likely will increase the international use of the feature. For now, you will need to ensure you speak English this feature will be available on both iOS and Android, we likely will see more language support coming in the future. We also likely will see Google increasing functions and features of Assistant since it will now be on both platforms.

If you would like to try out this feature on your iOS device, you should be checking Apple’s App Store today because at some point today it will be released. We do not have a time for release, but you can expect that by this evening it will be on Apple’s App Store available for download. You will need to make sure that your iOS device is compatible and supported by this feature, so make sure you look at the requirements needed before you download this free app onto your iOS device.