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Google Assistant Coming to iOS

May 15, 2017

We have seen many changes to Google Assistant over the past few months. Google Assistant has now been put on Allo, Google Home, and even most Android phones outside of Pixel. We now have heard that Google Assistant is coming to iOS, which would be amazing. The expansion of Google Assistant to iOS is just the latest news and changes that Google is making to Google Assistant. Read on to learn more about the news of Google Assistant coming to iOS.

Google Assistant Hitting Apple’s iOS Soon

The really good news here is that we can expect an official confirmation from Google within the next few weeks. We are likely going to hear the news at the Google I/O which is this week, although it is possible that the announcement gets pushed back beyond I/O. This is more than a rumor at this point due to the fact that everything has all but been confirmed by Google. Google will first focus on a release within the United States only.

When it comes to Google Assistant, some people might not be happy about the new feature hitting iOS first. The thing about it is that Google does often enjoy trying out these new expansions within the United States first. When it comes to how Google Assistant will work on iOS, there will be the same voice controls that we have come to know and love from Google Assistant on Android. This feature on iOS will have the Allo chat-style as well, so we will see both types of features on iOS. We do not know yet whether this will be an extension of a Google app on iOS or if it will be its own app. It is more likely than not though, that Google Assistant will be a standalone app instead of just an expansion of an iOS app Google already has out.

Why Google Assistant on iOS Makes Perfect Sense

If you are thinking that this feature coming to iOS does not really jive with Google you are not thinking about it the right way. Google has been trying to expand out the brand for a while now, including just recently making the SDK for Assistant available to the developers. This would allow developers to use this feature on their very own devices. There was also the latest news that Actions on Google is expanding. For Google as a company, the move to make Assistant available on iOS is a very smart move.

Considering that iOS is the Android competitor, it makes it possible more people will use this feature regardless of which device they are using. Google hopes that people will begin using this feature even on iOS, which might end up causing some people to switch to Android altogether. It also could just increase the number of people using Google products, so there is a lot of reason for Google to get this iOS release out there sooner than later.

Hopefully when Google I/O happens, this will be one of the first things that will be mentioned in the announcements. Either way, we should be seeing this announcement sometime this week or early next week. We will keep you updated on the developments of this feature coming to iOS, including getting you the release date of that once we know more about this upcoming expansion.