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Google buiding a transmitter radio in the desert of New Maxico

Mar 8, 2016

Google buiding a transmitter radio in the desert of New Maxico: The leading giant tech company is now taking initiatives ti build a massive radio transmitter. The project will take place in the in the deserts of New Mexico. However all information about this radio transmitter is kept confidential and no one is sure of what is the significance of such a thing.Google Maxio City, Google buiding

Google buiding a transmitter radio in the desert of New Maxico

The news came in on the 23rd of February this year where it was found that the company was applying for a license to make the experimental setup of a radio transmitter. The project was seen to take place in Hackaday. The little news that is got was found in the Federal Communication Commission document.

The license is pretty much like the one which was applied for the space port project. The latter project had taken place in a place named Truth which seemed quite ironical. The America based project had taken place thirty five miles away from the border of Mexico. However the space port was rarely used after the commencement of the project.

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The document which gave us the little that we know does not provide proper information about the project. They just give us the information that Google is taking initiative to radio transmitter project.

When asked about the details, Google claimed that they wish to keep the matter confidential so that the commercial interest of the project is not misused under any circumstances. Thus, they keep the details away from the knowledge of the public.

They do provide very vague idea about the entire project. They say that the radio transmitters that they are inserting will be used in transmission which will be highly powerful and directional. The frequencies used will have a variable range and they will be made useful for the wireless routers as well as the several devices used for communication.

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We do not expect Google to let us know about the usage of such powerful transmitters. They have been working in several projects ti improve the communication system. This may be a totally new project. Google may throw light on this project in the future.