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Google Calendar Android Update Allows for Quick Time Changes

Jul 19, 2017

There is good news about the Google Calendar Android app, which just got an update. The Google Calendar Android app now allows for you to drag and drop your events so you can change the time on them. We have all of the latest Google Calendar Android app update information, so read on to learn more about what this means for you.

Changing Start Times on Google Calendar Android App Much Quicker

The best news to come from the Google Calendar Android app update is that you can now edit the calendar events. The editing allows you to drag and drop each event so that you can smoothly change the start time with ease. You might have remembered how insanely difficult it was previously to change the start times to your calendar events.It required you to open the app and then go into the interface for editing. It was time consuming and definitely a pain if you were just trying to move an event forward or back an hour.

So with the Google Calendar Android update, you will just need to drag the event around to the proper time, without having to do anything else. You can just hold the event down in long-press format, and then move the time either forward or backward to the time you need to change the event to.

So if you had an event scheduled for 1 pm, you will be able to edit this event by long-pressing it and move it to 11 am or 5 pm. You will also be able to do this easily since the card is expanded out in full-screen mode. The expanded card allows for much easier and quicker dragging and dropping to different times.

Google Calendar Android Update Makes Event Time Changes a Breeze

When it comes to the Google Calendar Android update, you will be allowed to use drag and drop editing for Week View, Day View, and 3 Day View. The only bad part is that you will not be able to use the drag and drop editing feature on Schedule or Monthly, at least not right now. When it comes to Multi-Day View, you only can change the time of the event and you cannot move it to a different column. While there are some limitations with the drag and drop editing option, it is definitely an update that a lot of people have been waiting for.

Another possible downside here is that if you needed to move something from 1 pm to 11 am, you will need to be patient. You only can change the time in increments of 15-minutes, which means you cannot just move an item from one hour to another. You will have to drag it to the 15-minute marks in between the old time and the new time. That definitely can be time-consuming if you have to move an event from the morning to the mid-afternoon.

The good news is that you will see a toast at the bottom of the app, which will confirm the action you have just performed. This is a good way to ensure you have moved the time to the right place, and you get an undo button as well. The undo button allows you to quickly undo what you just did if it was an accident.

If the new Google Calendar Android update sounds like something you could use, it is available right now via Google Play Store. The version you want to download is version 5.7.29, which is the newest version in Google Play Store. If you have the app already downloaded on your Android device, you should see the new version, 5.7.29, automatically update on your Android device.