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Google Calendar Finally Adds Tasks Integration into App

Jun 19, 2020

We’ve been waiting for such a long time for Google Calendar to bring Tasks integration into the Calendar app. It looks like our wait is finally over! It was nearly a year ago when we first spotted some indications that Calendar would be including Tasks into the main app.

We waited for all of 2019, but we never received that integration and most people forgot all about it. This all happened even after the website updated to include Task integration. Well, Google just updated the Calendar app with Tasks integration and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Google Calendar Update Brings Complete Tasks Integration

It seems like forever when we first talked about Calendar getting Tasks integration, but it’s only been around a year since we first mentioned it was going to happen. It took long enough for Google to finally do it but the newest Calendar update does indeed have Tasks integration. You will now be able to manage your Tasks as well as create them and view them.

If you use the web version of Calendar, you’ve probably already noted that Task integration was present. While the desktop version of Calendar had that integration it’s taken a while for the app to get the same ability.

If you head to the Calendar website, you will see the Tasks both on the side panel and right alongside all of your events. This is something that has been present for a little while now. We are happy that the app now has this same ability. Once you visit the website you will see what we mean by the Task integration. You have the ability to quickly create new Tasks with just a click. All of those things you notice on teh website were all things that the Calendar app has lacked until now.

Google Calendar Integrates Tasks & It’s Easy to Use

Once you’ve downloaded the new update for Calendar, you will find that it’s very easy to use the new Tasks integration. If you go into the app and click on “Create FAB” you will see a new icon and this is the Tasks icon. It can be found above where the “Event” action icon is located.

Once you click on that you will then get an entire user interface in full-screen for Tasks. The full-screen interface allows you to do everything. It’s going to be more visually appealing than even the actual Task app was. When we say appealing, we mean that you will be able to simultaneously see a lot more of your fields. The app didn’t even have the ability to bring up this many fields at once, so it’s definitely a noticeable improvement.

Beyond that, you will notice that the integration works just as the Calendar app does including how it’s similar to creating an event. You can add notes, set it to repeat if you want, and even assign a due date, which is all really handy to have right in Calendar. When you look at the views, you will see it all right there. These task events are even found in the navigation drawer under your account. You can show or hide those from the navigation drawer too. You also will be able to set it so that you get the Task notifications right within the Calendar app itself!

Will You Use Tasks Now That It’s Integrated with Calendar?

There are reports that this is a phased rollout which means some people have seen this update while others haven’t yet noticed the integration of Tasks into Calendar. It’s also a regional rollout so people in some countries will see this update before others. We expect that within the next couple of weeks, everyone will see the Tasks integration into Calendar. If you don’t want to wait to get the automatic update, head to Google Play Store and download the newest Calendar update today to see the Tasks integration.

In the comments below, we want to know if you’ve seen this server-side update to Calendar yet? Are you someone that has used the Task app in the past and will you use it through Calendar? Do you think that adding the integration is going to get more people interested in using Task overall? Will you still use the dedicated app over the integrated version? What other features would you like to see Calendar have in future updates? Lastly, do you think this integration will help you improve your productivity?