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Google Chrome 66 Released for Android

Apr 22, 2018

Google Chrome 66 was just released for Android and is rolling out right now to Android devices. There are quite a few changes with Google Chrome 66 that we wanted to tell you all about. Design changes are a huge part of this update, but some new features and abilities are also part of the update. Google Chrome first rolled out the update to Linux, Windows, and Mac. Then, Google Chrome rolled out this new update for Android. Read on to learn more about the new Google Chrome 66 update and what all new features and changes you will see.

Google Chrome 66 for Android Brings Restrictions to Autoplay

One of the biggest things you will notice about Google Chrome 66 on Android is that you now have more control over autoplay. You might remember that back in January an update was released. In that update, Google Chrome updated to allow you to mute the audio across all kinds of websites. Those policies are now being enforced in this latest Google Chrome update.

The policies on when a media file can autoplay have changed recently. The new rules on when media can autoplay include if you have added the website to your Home screen. It also includes if you have clicked or tapped on the site during your time browsing the website. Media can also play if there is no audio or if the content itself has been muted.

There is also a change with Google Chrome 66 for Android that removed the setting for blocking autoplay. If you are in data saver mode, the option to remove autoplay blocking has been disabled with this update as well. That change in particular was made for the developers. It is aimed at allowing the developers or encouraging them to mute the video right off the bat. The bandwidth-heavy GIFs and such that are animated are not really good if you are concerned about bandwidth and overall data usage. With the new changes in place, hopefully more developers will be using muted videos when applicable.

Google Chrome 66 for Android Adds Export Password Ability

Another change that you might be really excited about in Google Chrome 66 for Android is the export password ability. You probably have noticed that the desktop version of Chrome and the iOS version have had the option to export passwords for a while now. It is about time that the Google Chrome Android app also get the export password ability. You can just click on the Passwords menu to begin. Then, tap on the overflow icon to find the new export passwords feature.

It is important to note that before you begin, you either will have to use your fingerprint or enter your Android passcode. After you have done that, there will be a pop-up window that tells you that the .csv file you are about to download can be seen by anyone. Once you agree and accept this, then the Share sheet will appear from the system. This is definitely a huge benefit for people on Android who need to backup their passwords. If you have other people using your Android device, you should be leery before you decide to export the passwords to the Shared sheet. We want to reiterate that anyone on that device can then see your passwords.

Google Chrome 66 for Android Also Brings Design Changes

As far as the design changes go, there is now a Google Chrome Home Duplex where the bottom bar used to be. You no longer will see the Chrome Home button on the bottom. It was replaced with Home Duplex. You can just slide this up to open a New Tab. Even cooler is that it will quickly launch your bookmarks too. You will have to slide up the new bottom toolbar in order to see all of these options. The overall Google Chrome Home is redesigned with modernization in mind.

You will see a new rounded Omnibar for the URLs and other icons. There are a ton of new rounded user-interface elements in Google Chrome 66 for Android. There is also a new Asynchronous Clipboard API, which will allow you to both read and write from the clipboard itself.

There will also be support coming to pasting and copying images into the clipboard. This will be coming in a later Google Chrome update. There will also be the ability to copy and paste other rich data content. A new AudioWorklet API for sound was also released. This allows the developers to control the audio much better. For developers, this will also allow you to figure out decoding abilities of Android devices.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, then you can download the new Google Chrome 66 for Android right now on Google Play. Chrome is free to download and if you already have it installed, you should see the update coming any time now. Tell us in the comments what you think of this new update. Are you a fan of Google Chrome on Android? Do you prefer to use another browser instead of Google Chrome? What are the other changes you would like to see in a future Google Chrome update for Android?

  • Lindon Krashew

    Overall, I liked it. Never noriced the problem with autoplay blocking, but it was addressed right away, and I’m not very active in terms of media usage.