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Google Chrome for iOS Supports Multitasking

Oct 24, 2015

A lot of people use Google Chrome on their iOS device, but did not have a lot of the features that have recently been included in Google Chrome for the computer. In fact, Google just released Chrome 46 for Desktop about a week ago, but now it seems a lot of the cool features are coming to iOS in the latest Google Chrome update.


Two of the most talked about features of the Google Chrome update for iOS include Autofill and iOS multitasking. If you have Google Chrome on your iOS device or if you want to try it out for the first time, the new update is already live in the Apple App Store. Be aware though, this new update will only work on certain iOS devices, so make sure you check the specifications out before you try to download the app only to find out your device is not one of the supported devices for this update.

If you do not know what Split View mode is, it is basically where you can now run Google Chrome alongside any other iOS app that has been updated to work with the Split View feature. There is also a Picture-in-Picture functionality which allows you to view various videos on a separate smaller window when you are in the middle of using another app. The bad news is that this feature is only available on the Apple tablets, specifically the iPad Air 2, the iPad Mini 4, and the iPad Pro 4 when it comes out.

Google talked about the latest updates for iOS saying that iOS now has the same feature that Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Linux, and Chrome for Mac has, which is Autofill. Android has actually had this Autofill feature for a long time, and it is finally on the iOS app. This means that all versions of Chrome no matter which device you are using will be able to automatically fill in any form information that you have previously entered before, such as your name, email, address and so on.

Google talked about how that when we are online, we are often doing many different things at once, such as reading about a travel location or chatting on a social media website, and maybe even doing something else such as booking hotel reservations. When you download the new Chrome app for iOS, you will now be able to do all of these things at once, between the Split View for multitasking and the Autofill feature, you will now have the ability to get more done in one siting than you ever have before.

In terms of Autofill, this new feature will work for just about anything you want, but it will definitely make it easier to make purchases on the go. This is because while we are on our phones and tablets, we often have to enter in payment information for various websites, including credit card numbers and billing address. With Autofill, you will not need to worry about reentering your address anymore when you shop on Amazon or Target, and you can even save this information to specific profiles. This means that you can save your information into a profile for when you are browsing and shopping online, and then your spouse or significant other can change that over to their profile so that they too can enjoy Autofill with their personal information as well. Autofill solves the main problem of having to reenter addresses and credit card information among many other things that you do every day.

This update also comes with improved handling of RTL languages, and RTL stands for right-to-left. This is a specific wording meaning the direction in which some languages are read. In English, we read left to right, but other languages actually read the opposite direction, so now this is a supported feature in the updated Chrome browser app for iOS as well.


While these are small updates in the grand scheme of things, a lot of people do spend a lot of time on their iPad trying to multitask, so this will save you a lot of time, especially if you are someone that views work documents or watches videos while also catching up with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Anyone who uses Google Chrome for their browsing will have a lot more functionality right at their fingertips, which saves you a lot of time when trying to fill out those forms, especially if you are someone who does a lot of sweepstakes or purchasing where you have to enter the same information over and over again. Since the iPad is overtaking the home computer for browsing, this new update makes it even more convenient to use your tablet over your computer.