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Google Chrome to receive Touch Bar Support, Trial Version Available

Feb 23, 2017

The amount of apps that are available and support the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro increases every day. Apps that are used by my people on a daily basis also gets added to this collection. Most recently, Microsoft Office 2016 received a Touch Bar update.

Now, Google has announced that Chrome will soon support the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro. The trial version of Google Chrome that supports the Touch Bar is already available. However, it is speculated that full Google Chrome Touch Bar support will be released in the near future.

Touch Bar in Google Chrome Canary

The test/trial version of the Google Chrome browser for Mac is called Canary, and has been made available for a while now. In this version of the browser, new features are tested out before they are made available in the final version of Google Chrome. For almost a year now, Apple has also received a special test version of Safari, called Safari Technology Preview.

The Google Chrome Canary browser now features Touch Bar support. This means that the browser can be commanded using the Touch Bar, as well as use other important functions. Using the Touch Bar in Google Chrome Canary, you are able to navigate to the next/previous page, use the search function or surf to a website.

You can also open a new tab, or bookmark the website you are currently on. It is not yet possible to quickly switch between tabs, or even to start up different apps using the Touch Bar. You are also not able to control your media using the Touch Bar in Chrome, such as when you are watching a YouTube video.

Download Google Chrome Canary

You can download the Google Chrome Canary browser, which supports the Touch Bar, by clicking on this link. The final version of the Google Chrome browser that will support the Touch Bar is expected to be released in the last week of April. That will be version 58 of the Google Chrome browser. Once released, you will no longer have to use Google Chrome Canary to use your Touch Bar when surfing the web. The release of more features is to be expected; however, it is not yet clear what those features exactly will be.

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