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Google Closing Google Talk in June

Mar 25, 2017

Android users need to know that Google just announced that it will be finally closing all of Google Talk. Everything related to Google Talk will be going away forever on June 26. That is not all Google is doing either, as it is also removing SMS support from another product as well. We are going to tell you about the Google Talk removal plus the other changes coming to texting in the coming months.

Google Finally Getting Rid of Google Talk

Google has finally decided to close what is remaining of Google Talk. This is good and bad news if you are an Android user. Google will be closing down Google Talk on June 26. This instant messaging app is also known as Gchat, and it has been around since 2005. For several years now, Google has been trying to get Google Talk users to switch over to Google Hangouts. In fact, Google started pushing Google Hangouts way back in 2013.

When it comes to Google Talk, it has become outdated over the years, with Android Messages, Duo, Google Voice, Allo, and Hangouts all having similar features as Google Talk. That is part of the reason why Google has decided to close down Google Talk for good, since there are overlapping products and services available.

Google Talk will end on June 26, and people will be automatically directed to Google Hangouts. You will be able to still talk with your friends through Google Hangouts, although some changes are coming to Google Hangouts as well. Google Hangouts is going to change because Google is going to remove the SMS features and support on Google Hangouts.

The removal of SMS support on Google Hangouts will take place on May 22. This means that if you want to text your friends, you will need to use Android Messages. We are not really shocked that SMS support is ending for Google Hangouts because a few weeks ago, Google announced changes coming to Hangouts. Google announced that Hangouts is going to be more of an enterprise and business-focused product. Google had also announced that the SMS app known as Messenger will be changing to Android Messages.

Google Talk Ends as Android Messages Begins

Android Messages is likely to be the number one place for Android users to continue their texting communications. Google is trying hard to get all Android users onto Android Messages, including persuading device manufacturers to make Android Messages native on their devices. Carriers are also asked by Google to include the Android Messages app as the native texting app, and Google is continuing to work with more partners to get this to happen. Android Messages is going to be king of the SMS world, taking over where Google Talk and Google Hangouts ended.

We already told you about how Android Messages is going to be RCS, which is the upgraded standard for text messaging. This will allow you to share high-resolution photos and read receipts, which is pretty cool.  While you might be worried about Google Talk officially ending, it really is to be expected since support ended years ago for Google Talk. Google Hangouts now will become the replacement for the Gchat, and the SMS support leaving Google Hangouts is not a huge issue either.

Android Messages will become the SMS place for Android users, so Google is basically shifting support and making these apps more different as opposed to having multiple apps and products that do the same thing.

If you are someone that is still using Google Talk, then make sure you have all of your contacts and information moved over before the end of June when it will be going away for Google. You also should move all of your texting contacts out of Google Hangouts since the support will end for texting in that application in May. Make sure that you have all of your information backed up into Android Messages, since this is going to be the hot place for people to go if they want to text with friends and family.