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Google Doodle Celebrates International Women’s Day

Mar 8, 2016

Google Doodle Celebrates International Women’s Day: International women’s day is very popular in every country worldwide. It is an event that celebrate for achievements of women’s. Today’s Women’s achievements is from political to the social. Women’s day is recognised through 1900’s and now every year women’s is celebrated on March 8.

Now these year Google Doodle marketing himself to celebrate women’s day worldwide and ask women’s what they want in their life. What’s their dream, ambitions and what they want to achieve in her life.

Google updating himself each and every minute now Google visited across 13 countries and spoke 337 women’s to create this awesome motivational video and that’s what the world need to know. Girls and women have many dream and ambitions to achieve in their life to give a voice to those girls who can’t speak. This video reflect the aim or goals of International Women’s day.

Many Girls and Women who want to achieve their goals are inspired by the Google doodle video are encouraged to share the video on facebook and twitter with hashtag#OneDayIWillGoogle Doodle Celebrates International Women’s Day

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After watching women in the video. The women is talking in their native tongue and google doodle team chose not to use subtitles.

This video is shot in 13 cities and in different language, OneDayIWill the women spoke after finishing this video and 337 women spoke that statement.

After seeing this video many girls and women will motivate and achieve their goals and Happy International Women’s Day. If you always dream to do big in your life then just go for it, believe in your dreams and always take corrective and effective efforts better for others.

Thanks for visiting and from our Go Android Apps team we all wish you a very happy international day to all of you, may god bless you all with lots of happiness and cheer in your life.