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Google Earth iOS App Gets New Features

Aug 2, 2017

We have some exciting news about Google Earth getting an update on iOS today. This new Google Earth update for iOS is a pretty big update, and has been a long time coming. There are quite a few new features in the iOS update to this app, and we are going to talk all about it. Read on to learn more about the Google Earth update that is now rolling out across all iOS devices.

Google Earth iOS Update Brings New Features

A few good things are happening on the new Google Earth update for iOS. One thing is that there will be support for the 64-bit format. If you did not know, iOS 11 is going to only be supporting 64-bit format, and this will make the 32-bit apps obsolete. You can still have 32-bit apps on your iOS device once iOS 11 launches, but those apps will no longer be updated.

Another part about this is that no new 32-bit apps will be allowed to be submitted to Apple’s App Store. Many app developers right now are being warned to bring their apps up to 64-bit so that the apps will be compatible and work properly after the iOS 11 release this fall.

Another new change is that Google Earth has more add-ons. These add-ons will allow you to discover new places to go and explore various locations from all over the world. You will be able to explore the world using the 3D button. You can then go all around the city in Google Earth with this new add-on and it will be similar to how the Flyover feature works in Apple Maps.

A new feature that is called Voyager is also in this update. Voyager will allow you to see stories from places all over the world. This includes information and interactive stories from landmarks, parks, and museums. You will get various editor’s picks in many categories including culture, education, history, and travel.

Google Earth iOS Update Details & More

The reason why Google Earth is getting this update only on iOS is because Android already got these new features. It is about time that iOS is getting this update and these new features because Android has had them for a while now. It seems that Android often times will get the updates before the iOS version gets the update, which makes sense in a way since Google Earth is a Google product just like Android.

If you would like to try out all of these new features found in this app, you can download the new iOS update right now. If you already have Google Earth on your iOS device you should see the new update within the next couple days if you have not already.