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Google Keep Updates on Android With New Drawing Features

Jul 8, 2018

Google Keep finally got an update on Android this week, which is great news if you use the note-taking app. It is not that often that Google Keep gets an update. Every time one rolls out we are super excited for that reason.

While there are not many new features added to the simple note-taking app, there is one new feature we wanted to tell you about. Just in case you were wondering, the new version of the app si version 5.0.251. Continue reading to learn more about the new update now rolling out to the Google Keep app on Android.

Google Keep Android Update Brings Grid Lines & Ruled Lines

The biggest change you will notice is that the Google Keep update on Android will now bring you more drawing functionality and tools. While Keep is known for being a note-taking app, drawing is also possible with this app. In fact, a lot of people use Google Keep just to draw, and more of those core features are now being added to the app. This comes off of the heels of an update on the Chrome OS, so it seems Google is rolling out this update one system at a time.

The new features added include ruled lines and grid lines, which will definitely be useful for drawing. You will need to update to the newest version, which is 5.0.251, in order to get the new grid and ruled lines. We know that Google does not often update Google Keep, so any new features added to the app are something to mention to you guys.

The good thing is that Google is slowly adding a lot of the features that the users have been asking for. Ruled lines and grid lines are two features that people have really been hoping come to the app. Now, these two new features have been added and we are super excited for how much that will help with drawing.

Google Keep Update on Android Brings Grid Lines Support

If you are using the drawing mode within the app, you can now select the option to show you ruled lines or grid lines. These two additions will make Google Keep look more like a notebook than the standard note-taking app design. You will have the canvas to work with, and it will be very useful for just drawing items in the app.

If you are someone who does notes written in regular hand writing in the app, then you could also use the lines to take notes. There are dot and square options for the grid as well, which is really cool. The square and dot grid options were already available in Google Chrome, so it is nice that the support for that has finally come to the Android app.

Beyond the new ruled lines and grid lines, there are also some basic improvements in version 5.0.251. If you download the new Google Keep update for Android, you will get the basic bug fixes. There are always bugs when it comes to apps, so Google decided to fix some issues people were having with the app. You will also notice that there are some improvements on the performance as well. The app is going to run much smoother now, have less hiccups or glitches, and overall will run a lot quicker.

How to Get New Google Keep Update for Android

When it comes to how you can get the new Google Keep update for Android, there are a couple things you can do. If you have the settings adjusted for automatic updates, you should see version 5.0.251 of Google Keep on your device already. The update was slowly rolling out through the week, but you should now have this update on your device.

If you do not see the update, head to Google Play Store to download the new version right now. There is also the APK option if you are someone that would rather go that route, and you can find the APK has already been released to various online sources. If you have already checked out the new grid lines, we want to hear what you think about them.

Do you think these grid lines are going to help you draw better and be more legible when it comes to hand writing your notes? Are you someone who uses Google Keep for the note-taking abilities or for the drawing abilities? If you do not use Google Keep currently, let us know which note-taking and drawing apps you find to be the best on Android. Tell us in the comments below what you think of this app and the update that was just released.