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Google launched March Android Security Update for Nexus Devices

Mar 8, 2016

Google launched March Android Security Update for Nexus Devices: Security Patch Level March 01, 2016, has been released by Google on Monday. It has provided some important fixes in its monthly update system all over the OS. Google has also started to roll out new OTA updated exclusively for Nexus devices which fixes many issues as a part of monthly Android Security release. This update was made available to many Nexus devices on Monday by the Mountain View-based company.Android Device, Android Security

The new update by google fixes six vulnerabilities which are categorised as “critical” and eight of them falls in the category of “high” severity. Two of the “moderate” security is also solved now in addition to the previous ones. Some example of critical security vulnerabilities that are being fixed in libvpx and Mediaserver is Remote Code Execution Vulnerability which is a very good opportunity for an attackers if left untreated. Other things which are fixed includes Vulnerabilities that occurs in Qualcomm and Conscrypt Performance Component with Elevation of Privilege in Keyring Component and MediaTek Wi-Fi Driver.

The keyring vulnerability has been effecting all the Android and Linux devices and now it is a major highlight that the keyring is getting fixed. More than 66 % android devices was reported to be effected by this vulnerability which was found in January. But as google had promised its users to look after this problem it has now fixed this vulnerability. A range of operating system comes under Google’s issue fixes.

This also includes KitKat as it is a widely used operating system for majority of Android smartphones. The updated factory images has been published by the Android maker on the developer portal. The Over-the-air update can be checked by the users alternatively. Here is the list of Nexus device which are likely to get this March Android Security update:

  1. Nexus 7 (2013, MMB29V)
  2. Nexus 6P (MMB29V)
  3. Nexus 6 (MMB29V)
  4. Nexus 10 (LMY49H)
  5. Pixel C (MXC14G)
  6. Nexus 9 (MMB29V)

If you don’t have a Nexus tablet or phone then you have to wait till your smartphones OEM support these updates.