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Google Lens Now Integrated with Google Photos

Mar 10, 2018

Google Lens is a great tool that first showed up on Google Pixel devices, but now it is coming to everyone. You will now notice that Google Lens is coming as part of an integration with Google Photos, and this is rolling out to everyone. Even better news, is that Google Lens will be debuting on iOS in the very near future. This is a huge expansion for Google Lens, which was just announced by Google about a month ago.

Google Lens Hits Google Photos & iOS Debut Coming

The best part about all of this is that Google Lens is now going to be available to everyone through Google Photos. We knew that was coming because Google announced about a month ago that Lens would be expanding. That expansion also includes coming to iOS very soon, which is great news. The only people who were able to get Lens before were those on a Pixel device, which is where Lens first debuted back in 2017. Those on the Pixel 2XL and Pixel 2 also were able to use Google Lens before now.

As for everyone else, this is now available through the Google photos app. This tool allows you to learn a lot more about those photos you have taken on your Android device. Google Lens uses the artificial intelligence that Google has been working on and it also uses various computer visions. These things combined allow for Google Lens to analyze the photos and give you a lot of relevant information about the photos. It can recognize many different things, such as the landmarks and close objects nearby the location. Google Lens will also transcribe text that was in the photos.

Google Lens Allows For Detailed Photo Information

When it comes to Google Lens, it can also be useful for businesses because it can save the contact information from a business card that you took a picture of. This is great because if you have taken pictures of various business cards, you no longer will have to manually input this information into your phone. Lens will do it all for you, which is really nice and helps you be more productive in your professional life.

The Google Lens integration with Google Photos is very easy to find too, since you just need to update to the latest version of Google Photos. Once you do that, you will need to select a photo from within Google Photos and then click on the Lens icon at the bottom of the app. The bottom bar will give you the Lens icon, and it will be near the delete option. Once you click that, Google Lens will automatically begin analyzing your photo for all of the relevant information and details.

More Google Lens Details to Know

As long as you have the English-language version of Google Photos, you will be able to experience this new tool. Even cooler, is that this tool has been marketed to have over a 95 percent accuracy rating, which is really good. We cannot wait to try out Lens on other Android devices, since this is the first time many of us have been able to see what this tool is all about. If you would like to try out the new Lens, just update to the latest version of Google Photos on your Android device. We also cannot wait until this tool becomes available to iOS devices too.

When it comes to iOS, we are not sure what other specifications or requirements there will be. We do know you will need the latest version of Photos on your iOS device as well, but we do not know if any other specifications are needed. Tell us in the comments what you think of the new Lens, and if you like being able to see more relevant information and details for your pictures. Do you like being able to see which landmarks are near where the pictures were taken?