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Google Maps Adds Customized Match Restaurant Recommendations on iOS

Aug 5, 2018

Google has added a new match feature on Google Maps for iOS, which will give you customized restaurant recommendations. The new Google Maps app for iOS is officially live in Apple’s App Store and you can check it out right now. These new recommendations for restaurants will be based on your own tastes and habits, according to Google.

We have noticed that Google Maps on iOS has received a lot of updates lately, but the new match feature is definitely one of the best features added recently. Read on to learn more about what the new match feature means for you and how it helps you with customized restaurant recommendations.

Google Brings Match Feature for Restaurant Recommendations to Maps iOS App

We all have asked friends or family before for some restaurant recommendations, but sometimes it is hard to know what places are good and bad. Just because someone you know likes that restaurant does not mean you will. This is where the new Google Maps iOS update will come in handy, since the app just added a new match feature. The new match feature will offer you personalized and customized restaurant recommendations.

Google will use your own tastes in order to offer you these restaurant recommendations, which will show up as a percentage match for you. All you have to do is click on a drink icon or food icon and then it will show you whether or not you would like the place. Google Maps will go into the restaurant history of places you visited in order to give the restaurant recommendations. Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to food and drinks. The new match feature is going to be very helpful since hopefully, you will spend less time searching for new restaurants and more time eating at them.

Google Brings New Restaurant Recommendations Match Feature to iOS

It was about a month ago when Google released the restaurant recommendations match feature to Android. Now, iOS is getting the feature and it is going to be so useful for people looking for new restaurants to try out. You will also be able to go into your Explore tab to view all of the restaurants that you have been to.

This past restaurant history is what is going to help Google Maps match you with the perfect new restaurant to try. That means the more restaurants are in your history, the better the recommendations will be and the more personalized they will be for you. Just keep going to more restaurants and build them up in the Explore tab.

The more restaurants that are in this Explore tab, the better your restaurant recommendations will be. We first learned about the restaurant recommendations and match feature back in May. It was announced at the Google I/O, and it only took a month for Android to get the feature after it was announced. If you rate or add restaurants to your list, those are taken into account for the restaurant recommendations as well. The more you use the app, the smarter and more right the recommendations will be.

Google Maps iOS App Finally Adds Restaurant Recommendations Feature

We are definitely excited that Google Maps has added this feature on iOS, after being on Android for over a month already. This new feature is going to make it a lot easier for you to find food and drink options that match your own unique preferences and likes. It lessens the odds that you will end up at a restaurant that you do not like, which can also save you a ton of money and time.

You can download the new Google Maps update for iOS right now through Apple’s App Store. The app is free to download so you do not have to worry about that. If you already have Google Maps on your iOS device, you should notice the update hit your device this week. Once you have tried out the new Google Maps iOS update, we want to hear from you. Do you like the new restaurant recommendations feature?

Have you played around with it to see how good of a match you are getting based on what you like to eat and drink? Do you think that the new match feature is going to help you find new restaurants to try out that match your interests and tastes? Let us know what you think about this update in the comments below. We also want to know if there are any other features you would like to see in future updates for Google Maps.