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Google Maps Brings For You Tab to iOS & Expands Globally

Dec 14, 2018

We have great news about Google Maps as the For You tab has finally been released to iOS. Beyond the new iOS release, the feature was also announced to be expanding globally. You might remember that the design overall was first announced during the Google I/O back in May 2018.

For You was one of the new features mentioned during the event. As the name suggests, For You is all kinds of personalized food and restaurant recommendations for you. We have all of the latest details about For You expanding out to iOS and the globe, so keep reading to learn more.

Google Maps For You Tab Finally Hits iOS

We are super excited that Google Maps has released the For You tab for iOS users. This new tab was announced earlier this year during the Google I/O. The tab is all about providing you personalized recommendations on restaurants and other eateries. This information is based on your history and your own restaurant reviews. You are able to get updates from the restaurants that you follow, and you can also follow specific locations.

This means that you can follow your city, a certain street or neighborhood, or other areas to learn the latest information about those restaurants. If you live in a big city and have no clue where the good food is, the For You tab is going to be very helpful. It will tell you all of the places in your area, providing you with reviews, business information, and much more. The For You tab is going to make finding the next eatery or restaurant a breeze. Beyond that, we also learned that this new feature has expanded globally.

Google Maps Expands For You Tab to 130 More Countries

We have also learned that this week Google Maps has expanded out the For You tab to people in over 130 different countries. Up until this point, the For You feature was only limited to five countries including the United States and Canada. Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan also had this feature. Now, more than 130 additional countries will see the For You tab on Google Maps. This expansion of For You is available on both iOS and Android now that iOS finally has the feature.

Google Maps has been really building up ways that people can follow businesses using the app. The changes Google has made to Google Maps in particular are steering the app into a more social media direction. You can now follow businesses such as restaurants, retailers, coffee shops, and much more using Google Maps. The businesses are able to post updates that you can see in the For You tab, for things such as new promotions or items. This allows for the businesses to keep customers updated on new products and specials, and it helps both the consumer and the business.

Have You Checked Out the For You Tab on Android or iOS?

We want to know whether you were one of the people who used the For You tab on an Android device or are you now going to check it out on iOS? For You is going to be personalized and customized based on your own preferences and tastes. Do you think that this new tab is going to help you find restaurants and other local eateries that you would not have known about otherwise? Are you happy that Google Maps is going in the more social media direction?

Restaurant recommendations and seeing new menu items from the places you follow are just some of the benefits of the new Google Maps update. A few weeks ago, a Commute tab was also added into Google Maps. This Commute tab allows you to see where your train or bus is in real-time, and is going to be very helpful for those who use public transportation.

All of these changes are about giving you the most information possible to make your daily life easier. We want to know if you enjoy these changes and what you think about these changes coming to Google Maps. You can find the new Google Maps update live for iOS right now through Apple’s App Store. If you do not use Google Maps currently, now would be a good time to check it out.