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Google Maps Extends Availability of AR Walking Directions on iOS & Android

Aug 13, 2019

AR walking directions are being expanded to more iOS and Android devices this week in a move we know you’ll love. You might have heard of AR walking directions before, as it was first released to Google Pixel devices early in 2019. Now, this great feature is being released for more people on both iOS and Android devices. If you use Google Maps, continue reading to learn more about this great and handy feature.

Google Maps Brings AR Walking Directions to More iOS & Android Devices

This week, Google released the new AR walking directions to more devices as it was made available to people on both iOS and Android. Google Pixel first received the AR walking directions feature back in the beginning of 2019. We are happy to report that now those on iOS and other Android devices will see this feature in their new Google Maps update.

The AR walking directions allows you to see real-time navigation using the camera on your device. Simply hold up your smartphone near streets and you will see the directions and all of the arrows. These arrows and directions will be shown over the camera view, which is going to make life much easier when it comes to finding your destination. You also will be able to locate various buildings and structures easier since it will be available in real-time for you.

Google Maps Adds AR Walking Directions & It’s Easy to Use

Google has named the AR walking directions feature as Google Maps Live View, and any Android device that can support ARCore is able to get this feature. If you are on an iOS device, your device will need to support ARKit in order to see the new Google Maps Live View. It’s still in beta so there might be some minor glitches and issues, but it seems to be working quite well from what we’ve tried out so far.

To use the new AR walking directions feature, just either click the location you are going to walk to using Google Maps. You also can choose to just search for a location, and then click on “Directions” which is at the bottom of the app.

On the top of the app you will see walking directions and this is what you need to click on. There will now be a “Live View” option on the bottom of Google Maps and this new option is what you’ll need to click on. You will then be able to see the AR walking directions right there in real-time for you to utilize to make getting to your destination much easier.

Google Maps AR Walking Directions just Latest Update to Google Mapping Services

Google Maps adding the new Live View feature is just the latest in a string of updates to the Google Mapping services. The company continues to add more features to Maps as it hopes both Travel and Maps are services you will visit regularly. Google wants to be the only place you go when it comes to trips, from planning these trips to actually going on these trips. The company will continue adding features that help travelers when it comes to their trips and the AR walking feature is part of that update.

If you want to try out the new AR walking directions for yourself, you just need to update to the latest Google Maps update. This is a beta update right now, but we expect in the near future it will be available in the stable version to everyone.

We want to know in the comments below whether or not you like the new AR walking directions and if you will be using this new feature when you are traveling around. What other features are you hopeful come to Google Maps in the near future? If you use another service besides Google Maps tell us why you chose that option and if Google could make you switch to using only Google Maps.