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Google Maps Latest In Line to Pull Apple Watch App

May 2, 2017

When it comes to the Apple Watch, we have seen a ton of companies pull support for the Apple Watch by abandoning apps. It seems that even more big names are now pulling support from Apple Watch, with the latest being Google Maps. We have all of the latest information about which companies are pulling support for the watchOS, so continue reading to learn more.

Apple Watch Support Stopped on Major Apps

The latest news it that Google Maps has decided to end support for the Apple Watch, meaning Google Maps for iOS will no longer support watchOS. This is just the latest example of companies that have decided to end support for the Apple Watch in the past few weeks. This is definitely not a good sign as watchOS was supposed to be gaining app support, not have app developers abandon the watchOS.

Ebay and Amazon are also two big names in the retail world and app world, and both companies also ended support for the Apple Watch within the past few weeks. Both apps supported watchOS in their latest iOS updates, which were a few weeks ago. The issue though is now neither of these apps, Amazon or Ebay, has an app for the Apple Watch.

When it came to which app was better on the product, the Ebay watchOS app was much more useful. The Ebay app allowed you to at least track your bids through the popular auction site. The Amazon watchOS app was not quite as popular since it was pretty hard to shop on your little lit screen.

However, Google Maps was a really good app for Apple Watch, and the overall layout of the app was much better for the small Apple Watch screen. Google Maps obviously is much better than Apple Maps, and showing up on the Watch made Google Maps even more user-friendly. So if we are talking about apps abandoning the Apple Watch, Google Maps deciding to end support is definitely a big hit for watchOS. Google Maps was essentially the same on the Apple Watch as it was on regular iOS devices, and it worked like a charm. This is definitely a bummer for people who have Apple Watch.

Beyond Amazon, Ebay, and Google Maps, even Target has decided to end watchOS support. The only way you can get the Target app on your watch now is if you have the Cartwheel app. Google did respond about removing Google Maps from watchOS and all the company said was that they expect , later on, to support the product again. Of course, who knows what that means at this point.

The main issue could be that just not enough people used the apps on the product to continuing supporting watchOS. Other issues could be simply compatibility issues or layout issues which were making the apps hard to use on the watchOS. At this point in time though, it definitely does not seem like a coincidence that a lot of these major retailers and brands, such as Amazon and Google Maps, have decided to end support for the watchOS within weeks of one another.