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Google Maps Now Has Full Uber Integration on Android

Jan 13, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be happy to know that Google Maps has now fully integrated Uber into the app. This means you will not really need to ever use Uber’s actual Android app anymore. You will be able to do everything Uber-related now through Google Maps app itself.

Google Maps Adds Uber Integration on Android

If you use Uber a lot, you will really find the new Google Maps complete integration to be a wonderful thing. You no longer will need to use the Uber app on your Android device as you can now do everything straight from Google Maps. Whether you want to book a ride or pay for your Uber ride, the new Google Maps app update on Android will let you do everything.

If you want to use the new integration in Google Maps, you first will need to have an Uber account. After you sign in, the Google Maps app will allow you to book your Uber ride, and then connect through GPS with the driver. You will be able to see where your Uber driver is and how long it will take your Uber driver to get to you. You will also be able to check out cool information about where you are going while you are in the Uber with the new Google Maps integration.

Google Maps also has new features that are not specific to Uber. For instance, you can see the various ride options that you have around you depending on your location. You will see whether there is public transportation such as busses or subways, and this is great if you are visiting a new city or town. You will notice that there is a map on the top and a user interface carousel that shows you all of the options you can choose from in terms of your ride options. If you click on Lyft or Uber, you will now be shown the ride choices and also payment choices for each service. There might also be special promotions running on Uber, and the Google Maps integration will show you these promotions that you could qualify for as well. This will help save you money on your next Uber ride, and of course, that is always handy.

If you want to check out the new Google Maps with Uber integration, you can download the new Google Maps app now from Google Play. If you do not want to manually download the new Google Maps, you can wait for the over-the-air update to hit your Android device. With this new app update on Google Maps, you now will be able to book and pay for all of your Uber services without having to ever leave the Google Maps app. For you, that means you will never need to open up the Uber app again and then switch back and forth from Uber to Google Maps. If you use Google Maps a lot, you will definitely enjoy all of the new changes and features that have come to Google Maps on Android this week.