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Google Maps Redesigns with Pill-Shaped Search Bar on Android

Sep 15, 2020

We’ve been telling you for months about the changes that have been coming out for the mobile version of Google Maps. Both the iOS and Android version of Google Maps has seen quite a few changes over the last several months, including a pretty big revamp at the beginning of the year. We now have another change on Google Maps we wanted to tell you about. This change involves the Android version of Google Maps and deals with the search field. Keep reading to learn all about the new design of the search bar within the app.

Google Maps Changes Android Search Bar with New Pill-Shaped Design

Google Maps for Android just received a new update and with this update, you’ll notice that there’s now a pill-shaped search bar at the top. The search field at the top used to be a long rectangle that had rounded-off corners and it was that way on Android for a very long time. You might remember that back in February, the bottom bar was revamped and that led to the removal of the hamburger menu that allowed you to get to the navigation drawer.

What you’ll notice when you load up the new design on Google Maps is that you now have the search bar showing with the pill-shaped design. On the left, you will see the four-color pin icon, and then you’ll see “Search here” and a microphone icon too. At the edge, you will see your profile avatar, which now has a rounded appearance as well. It definitely makes Google Maps look smoother and it allows the app to be more uniform across the board.

Pill-Shaped Search Bar Already Rolled Out for iOS Devices

We wanted to tell you about the pill-shaped search bar change since previously, the redesign was only available for those on iOS. Those on iOS devices have had this change for a while now, but Android is finally getting the rounded search field on Google Maps. Some Android users had reported the last few weeks seeing it on and off, but it wasn’t released fully until this week.

You will see that if you open the app, the pill-shape can be found within the full search interface too, although the branding in the corner is not present in the full search interface. You’ll like this new look since a lot of the buttons and icons in Google Maps have had that rounded look for a long time. The current user interface now uses almost exclusively this new pill-shaped rounded design. We haven’t seen the two fields for direction update with the rounded-off look yet, but we know that will also get the new look very soon.

Do You Like Pill-Shaped Search Bar in Google Maps?

Since the pill-shaped search bar fits nicely in with the rest of the user interface, we think that it’s a great redesign to go along with the full revamp that happened earlier this year. This new change can be found in both the beta channel of Google Maps as well as the stable release of Google Maps.

That means it’s finally rolling out to everyone on Android and isn’t just a test as it was in the past few weeks. If you would like to check out the new design then you need to update to the newest version of Google Maps for Android right now. As we said earlier, iOS users already had this design change so there’s nothing that iOS users need to update.

Once you’ve had a chance to check out the new look, we want to know from you in the comments below whether or not you like the change. Do you think that the pill-shaped search field looks better than the previous rectangular search field? What do you think Google can do to improve the user interface of Google Maps even more? If you don’t use Google Maps currently, we want to know which app you use and why you like it better. If you’ve been using Google Maps for years, we want to know what makes you stick with it and what would you change if you could?