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Google Maps Santa Tracker Hits iOS

Jan 6, 2017

Google Maps just put out a new Santa Tracker if you have Google Maps on iOS. The app went live on Christmas Eve and lets anyone who has a Google Maps app on iOS track Santa’s location from anywhere in the world. You can track Santa through his journey in real-time, which is pretty cool if you have children.

Google’s Santa Tracker Hits iOS Devices

The best part about this is that anyone with an iOS device that has Google Maps installed will be able to track Santa. Which is really nice and you can go into the search field to see where Santa is dropping off the presents. If you click on the Santa icon that is on the bottom part of your screen, you will even get details about the area where Santa is dropping off the gifts. You will find a live video feed as well, and you can find arrival times for Santa on his next stops. So not only can you track Santa through the Google Maps app, but you can see live video feeds and get details on the area where he is at. This is both educational and fun for the entire family, because you learn about the region while also tracking Santa.


When you load this up in Google Maps, you will also see your current location. This is nice because it will let you know where you are in comparison to where Santa is located. Everything in Google Maps you want to see will be on Santa’s Dashboard, where you can learn about the areas where Santa stops and also follow him throughout his journey. Not to mention, you also can play mini games through this new inclusion in Google Maps. There are a ton of holiday and Christmas games that you can play, and you will have access to Santa’s village as well.

You will be able to explore Santa’s Village and learn about various activities that go on in the North Pole. You can see the North Pole Airport, learn about holiday traditions in various areas of the world, and also code a snowflake. You will be able to take a Santa Selfie too, and let us not forget the mini games like Penguin Dash and Present Bounce. This Google Maps Santa Tracker is part of something Google has been doing for over 12 years now. Google wants both parents and children to be able to follow Santa across his mythical journey, and also allow you to play games and learn about the other areas of the world at the same time. While the Santa Tracker might only be up and available on Christmas Eve, it was something a lot of people really enjoyed.

If you missed the Santa Tracker this year, do not worry because it will hit iOS again next year. Maybe there will be even more fun and adventures to do next year because there could be new games and new ways to watch Santa go across the country on his journey.