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Google new update for desktop offers easier editing options

Mar 3, 2016

Google new update for desktop offers easier editing options: Google comes up with something that is undoubtedly the most essential part of our lives. The increasing socialization and the popularization of the social media sites have forced us to have a fabulous collection of pictures. So, Google comes with a brand new update that helps you edit your pictures in a much better way. With the recent update, you can edit pictures in a lot easier way.Google Photos

Google new update for desktop offers easier editing options

The update is exclusively available for your desktops. However, Google has also managed to update the app which is present on your Android smart phones. The application has been redesigned to a certain extent. The iOS version of Google photos will also be updated very soon according to recent news, so stay tuned.

The new update for the Android version is now mainly aiming at improving and making the in app navigation better that the previous. The design has also been worked with and made better. You can jump between albums and photos in a lot easier manner. The collection module has been renamed as album. You can scroll through really easily and access all the folders and files in a very efficient way.

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The company had also uploaded a post on their blog that mentioned that in the current century, people do take a tremendous amount of photos and edit them which can at times be time consuming. In order to solve this problem, this app helps you navigate easily and fast and even when you are editing the pictures.

The crop module has also been improved. The aspect ratio at which you can crop your pictures have also been made versatile so that you can crop to accuracy according to your wishes. There are a lot of cropping options also available.

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The company has also implemented the more effective photo sharing feature which helps you share photo more efficiently. The photo sharing feature is almost as good as the iCloud photo sharing feature of the iOS operating system. Google brings this upgraded feature to the web as well as both the operating systems- Android and iOS.