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Google News AI App Now Available for iOS

May 19, 2018

The new AI version of Google News has been released for iOS, which is great news for millions on any Apple device. It was just a week ago that Google announced the new Google News app, which is now powered by artificial intelligence. Last week during the Google I/O, we learned the new AI powered version of Google News would be coming within a week. Now, it appears that the new AI powered Google News has been released, and it is out now for iOS.

Revamped Google News with AI Released on iOS

If you have an iOS device, you might want to check out the new Google News app, which is powered by artificial intelligence. This new Google News app was announced last week at the Google I/O, and we were told it would be out within a week. Google did not lie about that, as it is now available to download from Apple’s App Store for iOS. This means that the older Google Play Newsstand app, which was out for iOS has been replaced by this new Google News. There is also a version out now for Android, which is really cool as well.

The Google Play Newsstand app and the new Google News iOS app are similar, and it is similar to the new Google News app on Android. Basically, machine learning is used in order to get through the breaking news stories and put them in an easy-to-understand and follow format. This includes using local news aggregates as well as using chronological timelines. You will also see stories changing in an evolving sequence, which keeps you updated on the latest developments. The machine learning is how the algorithms are being trained in order to get through all of the breaking news stories.

New Google News AI App on iOS Organized & Personalized

With the new Google News app on iOS, which is powered by artificial intelligence, you will notice it is very organized. Not only is it organized, but it is also very personalized for you with even the “For You” section. There are four sections with “For You” being the first section. This is where you will find the personalized news stories that Google thinks you want to read. In this particular section, you will see the top five news stories Google thinks you want. These are all done by algorithms and various machine learning.

In the following section, you will see “Headlines” which are the latest news across the United States and World, including business and technology. The section will be where you go if you want to see full coverage of news stories that might be more complex. The third section is the “Favorites” section, which is where you can put your news sources that you want to keep track of. You can save stories there for Pocket to read later on, and also save locations for looking up news later. There is also the option to save text-based searches in this section. In “Favorites” you can put everything in there including academics news, regular news, and entertainment news.

New AI Powered Google News Provides Sections & More Content

Lastly, you will see the “Newsstand” section, which is where you can subscribe to various news sources. This includes those with monthly fees that allow you to access content which would be blocked behind a paywall. Various news organizations have subscription services, so this is where all of that would go. All of those within the Newsstand support AMP, which means very quick loading times on iOS.

We want to hear from you though regarding the new artificial intelligence powered Google News app for both iOS and Android. Do you think that the machine learning and algorithms will help you find the news you want right now? Are the options to breakdown stories into timelines and sequences going to help you keep track of events as they are breaking? What do you think is the section you will be using the most in the new Google News app? Are you someone who cares more about world news, local news, entertainment news or something else? Once you have used the app, come back here and tell us how it is working out for you.