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Google Opinion Rewards Money Making App Hits iOS

Oct 11, 2017

If you are trying to make some money online, you might want to check out Google Opinion Rewards. This app was first available on Android and allowed people to answer surveys in exchange for money. After years of this app being available on Android, it has finally arrived on iOS. Read on to learn about Google Opinion Rewards and how this app can earn you some quick cash.

Google Opinion Rewards Finally Lands on iOS

Google has made the Google Opinion Rewards app available on iOS. This app is free and it will pay you money for filling out short surveys. These surveys are very simple and are often times multiple choice. Most of the surveys on Google Opinion Rewards will take less than 30 seconds to fill out. This means that you can quickly earn money while you are sitting at home doing nothing.

You also can choose to answer the surveys when you are waiting in line somewhere, since they are so simple. The surveys you will find in Google Opinion Rewards are about a variety of topics. Some are about television shows while others are about your favorite ice cream or food.

Google made an announcement about the launch of Google Opinion Rewards on iOS. Google said that you will get notifications when a new survey is available. With this app, you can earn up to $1 for each survey that you complete. The amount that you earn will be dispersed into your PayPal account. So you will need to link your PayPal account with your Google Opinion Rewards account to get your rewards. Google also said that you are able to skip surveys you do not want to answer as there is no requirement for you to complete every survey you get within the app.

Google Opinion Rewards is Popular Money Making App

As far as Google Opinion Rewards goes, it is super popular on Android. Over 10 million people have downloaded Google Opinion Rewards on Google Play Store. There are more than 3 million surveys that are sent out each and every week. We can expect the number of surveys that are sent out weekly to continue to grow. Now that this cool money making app is on both iOS and Android, there will be more sponsors and more brands wanting to get in on the survey questions.

While you will not become rich through Google Opinion Rewards, it is a good way to make extra money. Since this app is run by Google, you know you are downloading and using a legitimate app. You will not have to worry about being paid for the surveys you completed since it is all automatic once those surveys have been submitted. You should note that you can turn the notifications on or off so you do not have to keep them turned on. The notifications can be turned off, and then when you have free time, you can manually open up the app and check it out.

We recommend you keep the notifications on though, since some surveys could have a time limit. If Google Opinion Rewards sounds like a good way to make money, you can download it free right now. You will find Google Opinion Rewards right now on Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. If you are on Android, you also can download the app from Google Play Store. It is completely free on both iOS and Android.