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Google Pay App Finally Rolling Out on Android

Feb 21, 2018

The new Google Pay app is rolling out on Android finally, and this is going to be so helpful to users. We might have mentioned previously how Google Pay would be replacing both Android Pay and Google Wallet. The time has finally come, since Google just released a new app for everyone on Android that combines all of these payment services. Read on to learn more about the Google Pay app and what it could mean for you if you use mobile payments.

Google Pay App Brings Wallet & Android Pay Together

The best part about the new Google Pay app is that it is bringing both Google Wallet and Android Pay together. This new free app, which is available on Google Play Store, is divided up into sections. There is a “Home” area, which is where your local stores and offers are. This is also the section that shows you your recent payment activities and other useful information. The next section is the “Cards” section, which is the place for all of your individual cards. This includes reward cards, debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards.

Google Pay is going to be the place to go for everything Google, according to Google. It will be available at some point for all of the Google products. This includes both Google Assistant and Google Chrome. It will work similar to how Android Pay worked, meaning you can use your payment information that is stored across all kinds of websites and apps. If you are using any Android device or even Chrome, you can sign in and begin using your Google Pay stored financial information.

This is good news because you will not have to worry about remembering or digging out your credit cards or debit cards. There are even various types of transportation that will use Google Pay, such as in major cities across the country. Google Pay can be used for transit in locations like Portland, London, and Kiev.

Google Pay Brings Mobile Payment Services Together & Integrates Functionality

Another cool thing is that the Google Wallet integration of the services similar to Venmo will be coming to GPay too. The similar service to Venmo will be available in both the UK and US markets, but that integration will not happen right now. Instead, Google Wallet has changed and been rebranded into Google Pay Send. This app is now matching the same design as Google Pay, which is good news. The redesign of Google Wallet is a good thing, especially since you will soon be able to request and send money using Google Pay once the integration happens.

If you look at the Google Pay app right now, you will notice it is very similar to Android Pay except the design changed. Most of the functionality is the same, although you will notice the new functions in that Home section. The cool thing is that there is more personalization here, which means it will know where you use the services the most and also know your location. That allows the app to pop up with locations and stores where Google Pay is accepted near you.

Google Pay Available Now on Android

If you still need to add your reward or loyalty cards to GPay, you have the ability if you did not link those previously. We are glad to see the changes being made. It also makes us very happy to see Google Pay go live on Google Play Store. We know this is going to be a service that many people will use, especially as more stores accept it.

If you would like to check out GPay, you can download the app right now through the Play Store. It will be nice once all of the integration is completed since using one app over using three different apps is definitely a good thing. The one app for every service allows you to not have to worry about making sure you have all of the information you need on each app. Even better, you can use GPay across all of your devices and many Google products.

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