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Google Pay Launching as Google Consolidates Payment Options

Jan 9, 2018

Google is consolidating payment options and tools on Android by launching the new Google Pay. Google Pay is a new payment service that was just announced in a blog post by the Vice President of the Product Management for Payments division of Google. The hope is that the new option will simplify the process for those on Android, and it is similar to how Apple Pay works. If you have an Android device, read on to learn more about Google Pay and how this new payment service will work.

Google Pay Aims to Simplify Android Payments

The overall goal of Google Pay is to simplify the many different payment options that are available on Android. The new payment service will allow for all of the various payment tools to unite under one name and service. The blog post written by Pali Bhat, which is the Vice President of the Product Management for Payments, goes on to explain the change.

In the blog post, he talked about how it was much easier to just unify the various payment methods under one umbrella. You can think of this change as a rebranding more than of changing any of the existing technology or products available on Android. Google Pay, which is also known as Gpay, will bring together Google Wallet and Android Pay. These are two very useful and common payment services on Android.

Google Wallet is the peer-to-peer payment service whereas Android Pay is the loyalty and mobile payments platform. When you begin using Google Pay, you will notice it is much easier to purchase items and pay for them. The best part is that if you have your payment information already saved into your Google account, you will not need to do anything. All of this information will be consolidated and moved into GPay for you. That is definitely a good thing, since entering payment information over and over again is a hassle.

Google Pay Allows for Quicker Mobile Checkout

Using Google Pay, you will have a much quicker checkout using your Android device. This is especially true since all of your financial information from Wallet and Android Pay will be moved over for you. Google Pay is very much like Apple Pay, although obviously instead of using an Apple device you are on an Android device. You will be able to use Google Pay anywhere that accepts NFC payments in physical scores. Google Pay can also be used online and across the various Google products. If you need to pay a friend, then you can now use Google Pay for that too. The YouTube app and other well-known Google products already have the Google Pay option available.

Some of the partner stores and apps are Airbnb, HungryHouse, Instacart, Fandango, and Dice. You will soon see even more partners and apps that allow for Google Pay during checkout. Fandango said it is looking forward to working with Google and are excited for the future of this new payment option for customers. It will only take one click to checkout if you use GPay on Fandango, and one click checkout is definitely going to make your life easier. Google is also offering discounts if you purchase an item using GPay as a promotion for the launch of the These service. discounts can be used at Fandango, Instacart, and B&H.

The Hope for Google Pay is Competition to Apple Pay

Obviously, Google is hoping that GPay will be able to compete straight up with Apple Pay. Google also wants a more seamless transition for people so that they will be more likely to use mobile payments. Mobile payments are likely the future for many, so Google felt consolidating the existing payment options will make things easier for those using mobile devices. Whether you are in-store or online, you will be able to quickly checkout using just one or two clicks with this service. Since apps that are Google-branded already have support for Google Pay, the hope is that other apps will soon begin supporting this payment option.

We hope in the future that even more companies jump on the bandwagon and begin supporting the new Google payment option. So tell us in the comments if you are happy that Wallet and Android Pay are now consolidated into one payment tool? Do you think Google Pay will end up as useful as Apple Pay or do you think the Google option will surpass Apple Pay? Since Android is the most used operating system in the mobile world, are you excited to see what the future holds for this new mobile payment option?