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Google Photos Update Allows for Offline Animations

Nov 14, 2016

Good news if you are into editing and sharing your photos using Google Photos on your Android devices. There are some updates that should be rolling out now for Google Photos which will allow for offline animations and other cool features.

Google Photos Update Brings Offline Animation & More

The best thing to come from the Google Photos update is that you can make animations while you are offline. You need to have both your wireless internet disabled as well as your data disabled in order to test this new feature out in Android. You can then pick up to 50 photos and then click on “Create” in order to make your animations.

The only bad part about this Google Photos update is that you can only create animations offline that are stored on your phone, as the Cloud is not retrievable while you are offline. This makes sense though because the entire point of this update was to allow you to do animation videos without being connected to the internet, so anything you already have on your device will be available for you to use without having to use your data in order to make your videos.


Another cool feature of this Google Photos update is that you will be able to sort your photos in all of your albums using a couple different methods. You can sort your pictures by recently added or just in chronological order. You will then be able to select the photos and drag them. People who are using Android N, also known as Nougat, will be able to add shortcuts from the app icon.

These updates will allow you to share your photos a lot quicker as well, because you can choose how you want to share your photos with just a click of a button. You can share your photos using email, contacts, social media apps, and even phone numbers, so there are a million ways you can share your photos more efficiently. This also means you can share using Twitter or Facebook or even Instagram in a flash, which is pretty cool. If you love sharing pictures in the moment or just sharing albums with friends or family in a flash, then you will love this new update that gives you the flexibility and quickness when it comes to sharing all of your life memories with those you love.

If you would like to get the new Google Photos features and functions, you need to ensure you have the latest version of Google Photos. You can either wait for the update to hit your Android device over-the-air or you can head on over to Google Play and download it straight from there. If you are unsure of which version you have on your Android device, you also will be able to go into Google Play and it will tell you whether or not you can update and which version you are using currently.