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Google Play Music Becoming Default Music App on Samsung Devices

Apr 22, 2017

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device other Samsung Android device, you might be interested in knowing that Google Play Music is now going to become the default music app. When it comes to Samsung, the company has always been at the top in terms of being the best and largest smartphone maker of Android products. Google is rewarding Samsung basically, with the new integration of Google Play Music as the default music app. If you have a Samsung device, continue reading to learn more about this change.

Google Play Music Now Default Music App on Samsung

The really cool news here is that Samsung devices, whether tablet or smartphone, will now have Google Play Music as the default music app. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+, which has already begun shipping out, will already have Google Play Music installed as the default music app. If you own a new Samsung device, tablet or smartphone, you will have the ability to put up to 100,000 songs on the cloud locker of Google Play Music completely for free. If you have an Android device that is not a Samsung device though, you will only be able to upload 50,000 songs to the cloud locker for free.

Even more good news is that you will get a free three-month trial subscription of Google Play Music if you have a new Samsung device. Currently, the free three-month trial has only been offered for those Android users on a new Pixel device. There are a few other specific Android phones that also come with this deal, but it is actually pretty limited.

We also are seeing some movement with the artificial intelligence known as Bixby. This new integration with the artificial intelligence will be coming sometime in the next couple months. With the Bixby integration, you will be able to use voice commands to play back your music. This is a really cool feature because you will now have more abilities when it comes to artificial intelligence, and Google is really ramping up what you can use the voice commands for and which apps will have this integration.

More About Google Play Music Coming to Samsung

If you are wondering more about the Google decision to put Google Play Music as the default app on Samsung devices, we do have a little more information for you. Google made a comment saying that the company was very happy to allow this offer for Samsung customers, calling it a special version. Samsung has been one of the companies through the years that have really stood out when it comes to Android tablets and phones.

Samsung has also been all about making services available for Android, which is another way it has stood out amongst the competition. Samsung even tried to duplicate some of the services that Google offers on Android devices, although in 2014, Samsung had agreed to limit the duplication.  It appears that Milk Music, which was the failed music app of Samsung, is going to continue to stay as a discontinued service as Samsung aims to begin integrating Google Play Music more and more.

If you already own one of the Samsung devices that will be getting the Google Play Music integration, you should be seeing this as your default music app within the next week or so. If you are interested in purchasing the Google Play Music subscription once your three-month free trial runs out, you will quickly and easily be able to do that as well. For now, though, enjoy the new Google Play Music integration on both the Samsung tablets and Samsung smartphones.