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Google Play Protect Security Suite Rolling Out Now

Aug 9, 2017

Google Play Protect Security is finally rolling out for all Android devices. This is the latest news we have about Play Protect, which is a new service that Google first showed off at the Google I/O 2017.

We have been following the news about Google Play Protect Security Suite for a while, so it is nice to see that more Android devices are now seeing this in an update. Read on to learn more about this new service and how it can help keep your Android device safe.

Google Play Protect Security Suite Now Rolling Out

A few people have received the Google Play Protect Security Suite update before today, but now it appears it is rolling out in a much wider fashion. We are happy to report that after announcing the Google Play Protect Security Suite at the Google I/O a few months ago, it seems that more devices have been now getting this much-needed security update. It is important to note that while this service itself is new and rolling out now, the features within the service were mostly already present on the Android platform.

If you are wondering about what Google Play Protect Security Suite really is, basically it brings the entire security system together which was previously separate. You will have Chrome Safe Browsing along with malware scanning abilities in Play Protect. You also will get a phone tracking and locking feature so that if your Android phone is lost you will be able to keep it safe.

There is anti-malware functionality as well, which will use the Google machine learning abilities to check for suspicious behaviors. This also means that if you download an app and it appears safe, but later tries to harm your Android device, Play Protect will now alert you of the change. Most people did not even know that anti-malware scanning was already on Android devices, but it actually has been since 2013.

Google Play Protect Security Suite Details

As far as the anti-malware scanning is concerned, back in 2013, it showed up on Jelly Bean. Back then, it would only scan the apps during installation, but in 2014 this moved to be a full-time scan feature. This is when it become able to scan the apps continuously to ensure that the app was still working and functioning as it should.

Verify Apps is what the scanning feature is called and it is now more visible than ever before. This allows Android users to feel more comfortable and safe knowing that apps are continuously being scanned to ensure they are safe for further use. If an app decides to become a malicious app or tries to execute malware coding, the Verify Apps feature will alert you.

You will get the new Google Play Protect Security Suite through an update to Google Play Services. This means you will not need to do anything because it is already something that happens in the background. For most people, they will not realize that Google Play Services was updated, so you will have to go into the Settings to check the app itself.

If you head to Google Play Store, you will see that Play Services is the top installed app on your device, which makes it easy to see when the last update was. It will show you if you have problems or not and it will show you when the last scan was as well.

The cool thing is that if something is found, it will automatically be removed for you. You will then get a notification of the fact that an app was removed due to it being flagged by Play Protect. You can rescan apps, and it actually does rescan apps if that is something you need to do as well. The menu that you find within Settings has been upgraded as well, now showing you system status and recently scanned apps.

From within the Settings, you will also be able to turn off the Google Play Protect Security Suite, although that is not recommended. If you would like to see if you have the update yet, you can head to “My Apps and Games” and it will be there right in the front.