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Google Play Store Begins Autoplaying Videos

Sep 6, 2019

We’ve got some annoying news to tell you about this week as it was announced by Google that the Google Play Store will begin autoplaying videos. A lot of people hate videos that automatically begin playing, mostly because of the loudness of these videos. This functionality is now going to be offered via Google Play Store and we have all of the latest details about it below.

Autoplaying Videos Coming to Google Play Store

We’re warning you now that Google Play Store is going to begin autoplaying videos and this functionality is sure to upset some people. Google made this announcement this week through the Play Console Help section. It begins September 2019, which means it should be starting anytime now and the autoplaying videos are supposed to be helpful to those on Android. Google claims that you will be able to see and discover a lot more content just by glancing with this new autoplay feature.

The autoplaying videos feature is one that’s considered to be annoying all across the Internet, so it’s not a great thing that Google is implementing this across Google Play Store. Another part about this news is that Google is also asking developers to stop all monetizing of video clips that are featured on the Google Play Store. Google wants all videos to be de-monetized by November 1, which isn’t that far away from now for developers to get into compliance. The issue is that when videos are monetized, they often have advertisements playing first.

The Many Sides of Autoplaying Videos & Polarization

Autoplaying videos is something that has both some benefits and some negatives associated with it. The biggest benefit is that it really does help people discover new content, whether it’s a game or an artist. If you are watching the video you are more likely to get a better idea of what the game is all about.

It helps you see the game mechanics and how the game plays in a more in-depth fashion. It’s also good for Google because there’s more of a chance you will head to YouTube to look up more clips of the game. Of course, since Google owns YouTube this would be a good thing for the company.

Automatically playing videos though does have some negatives, such as the sound being loud and blaring when you are supposed to be in a quiet place. Most of the time the video clips will come in much louder than content you were watching with the sound on before. You might have noticed that on the desktop browser, there is often times an icon showing you which websites or tabs are going to automatically play videos. It’s due to the annoying and loud sounds that browsers do this, so it does give you a little of a heads up first.

New Google Play Store Autoplaying Videos Could Skyrocket Data Usage

One of the biggest concerns with the new autoplaying video feature in Google Play Store has to do with data. It’s not a huge issue in the United States anymore, but many other countries do have quite an expensive data rate fee. If Google Play Store begins automatically playing videos, then there’s a lot of people who might see their data usage skyrocket. This obviously would lead to higher cell phone bills or you running out of data much quicker than before.

We are hopeful that there’s going to be an option so you can disable the autoplaying videos feature within Google Play Store. If there’s no way to stop the videos from automatically playing, then this is going to significantly impact those outside of America where data is limited and expensive. Google hasn’t said yet whether there will be an option to disable the videos from automatically playing.

In the comments below, we want to know whether you think this is a good idea from Google. Do you think automatically playing videos is going to get you to download or check out a game or other app? Are you someone who would rather watch videos of a game or app as opposed to just seeing the screenshots? Will this impact the number of times you go to Google Play Store and look around, such as make you go there more or less often? Tell us what you think about this news in the comments below and whether or not you agree with the move.