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Google Play Store Redesign Finally Hits Android

Feb 20, 2019

If you have an Android device, you might want to keep an eye out for the Google Play Store redesign that is finally rolling out. There has been quite a bit of testing this year for the redesign, including newly revamped navigation settings.

We have been waiting for the official release of the Google Play Store redesign on Android and it seems it has finally arrived. Some of you might already have the new design update because it has slowly been rolling out for a couple days now. Keep reading to learn more details about the redesign and what changes come with the new look.

Google Play Store Redesign Rolls Out on Android

It is about time that the Google Play Store redesign roll out on Android, as we have been waiting a long time for it to be released officially. Throughout 2018, we have seen the testing going on for the revamped Google Play Store on Android. There is some new navigation designs and layouts within the redesign, and organizationally the redesign is much better for online gambling south africa. You will find that the new redesign looks a lot better and it is simpler.

You will notice that with the navigation drawer, you will find the apps and games. This is now a dedicated navigation drawer and the shortcuts have been removed for the other media. The navigation drawer still allows you to open up the Music apps, Books, and Play Movies & TV.

Even though you can still quickly open up those apps, there is no longer the option to browse or buy media from within the navigation drawer. You will notice that the new shortcuts have been moved around underneath other features. The new shortcuts are under Settings, Play Protect, Account, and Payment methods.

Google Play Store Redesign on Android Simplifies Navigation

The main premise of the Google Play Store redesign on Android is to simplify the navigation process. If you want to access the other content stores, you will need to first head back to the homescreen. Under the search bar is where you can swipe to access those content stores, which does make things a little easier overall. There are also some color changes with the new redesign, including the white app bar in the My Apps & Games area.

There used to be a horrible search option in the right corner, and that has now been removed. Instead of seeing the hamburger menu, you will see a back button over on the top-left section. The color schemes align better with the overall design language Google is using.

You will also notice that the green accent color is only found on the tab you are using currently. When we say that navigation is simplified with the new design, we mean that you are now supposed to head back to the homescreen to start a new action. Within the navigation drawer, you will also find Notifications and Subscriptions, along with Wishlist.

Google Play Redesign Coming as Server-Side Update

Lastly, you will find that the Account menu has a white app bar, and this is where tabs will be. There is a Preferences tab that shows you emails, and then you will find the Order History, Rewards, and Family. You will also notice the white color scheme within the Google Play Store Settings too, and it will remind you of the Google Play Material Theme.

This new Google Play Store redesign is rolling out on Android devices as part of a server-side update The new version is 12.6.13 and it is available right now, so check to ensure you have the update ability enabled on your device. You can also close out the Google Play Store from your Recents menu and that should bring up the update if you have not received it yet.

In the comments below, we want to hear what you think about the new Google Play Store redesign on Android. Do you like the stark white color scheme or did you like the previous color scheme better? Are the changes to the navigation drawer making things easier to navigate within Google Play Store? What else are you hoping Google brings to the Google Play Store in the future. Leave us a comment below because we would love to know what you think of the new changes to Google Play.