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Google Play Store Testing Removal of Hamburger Menu

Oct 21, 2020

Google Play Store is always testing out new features or changes in the appearance of the Play Store. You might remember in 2019, Google Play revamped the design of the Play Store and new search filters were added this summer. Google even went as far as testing out new designs of the My Apps section. Well, we wanted to tell you about a new test Google is performing right now on Google Play Store which gets rid of the hamburger menu. Keep reading to learn more about this test and what it might mean if you run on Android.

Removing the Hamburger Menu Latest Test in Google Play Store

If you’ve checked out Google Play Store in the past couple of days, you might have noticed that it looks different. That would be due to the fact Google is testing out the removal of the hamburger menu within the app. If you didn’t already know, Google Play Store is a very important app to have on your Android device and it changing is important for the company. Google is always trying to change Google Play Store for the better and tweaking it to look more interesting for the user.

The latest experiment that Google is doing is removing the hamburger menu, which you can see in the screenshots shown here. You will notice that all of those options contained within the hamburger menu are moved into a floating window. Some people prefer a floating window since it’s always accessible regardless of where you’re at on the app.

If you’d like to access all of those options you can now just click on your avatar. The avatar is located in the right-hand corner of the app and you’ll see all of those shortcuts listed. Google wants it to be easier than ever before to find these shortcuts. Clicking the floating window allows you to see subscriptions, app library, and payments. This is also where you will find settings along with a lot of other options.

Why Would Google Remove the Hamburger Menu?

You might be asking why would Google remove the hamburger menu? After all, it was a very popular design choice just a couple of years ago. People loved the hamburger menu and enjoyed how easy it was to access it.

The issue really is that both smartphone and tablet screens have started to become bigger lately, and those shortcuts aren’t quite as useful anymore. These shortcuts have also been moving around as of late, with some heading down to the navigation bar at the bottom. Other shortcuts have been moving around to the interfaces with tabs on them.

Another likely reason why removing the hamburger menu is thought these days is because of the developers. Google has been slowly getting developers to stop using the hamburger menu, so it’s obvious Google has been thinking about removing it for a while. When you’re dealing with gesture navigation, the menu hasn’t always been helpful or as useful. It was mostly once Android 10 was released that this move away from the three-lines we’ve come to love started.

Do You Like or Dislike the Hamburger Menu?

It will be a little while before we know whether or not the hamburger menu will be gone for good, but testing the removal is the start of the process. Google likely wants to hear feedback from users on whether or not removing it is working out better, especially those with the newest Android operating system. In the comment section below, we want to know what you think about the menu overall.

Are you someone that liked using the hamburger menu? Did you think it was harder or easier on your fingers to navigate the Play Store using it? What have you liked about the previous redesigns and changes that Google has made to the Play Store? Are there any app developers you are familiar with that already stopped using the three-line menu? What else do you hope Google changes with the Play Store?

We also want to know which Android operating system you are currently using. Are you already on Android 10 and do you like the gesture navigation? Do you think this menu hurts or helps with gesture navigation? What do you like or dislike about Android 10? If you haven’t upgraded yet, tell us what’s stopping you from upgrading as well.