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Google Podcasts Released for iOS Using Google Search

May 13, 2019

This week Google will be rolling out Google Podcasts for those on iOS, and it will be available through Google Search. This is huge news and it was announced at the Google I/O 2019 Developers Conference.

We are very excited about Google Podcasts finally being released for iOS, and there will be a desktop version as well. There are also other changes coming that will help you find those shows by what you search using Google Search. We have all of the latest news about this app coming to iOS so continue to read on to learn more details.

Google Podcasts Now Comes to iOS & Desktop

The thing we are most excited about is that Google Podcasts will be rolling out within Google Search this week for all iOS devices. There is going to be a new Google Search feature called “Podcasts about this story” and it will help you find what you are looking for. You will see relevant episodes of podcasts by the content within the podcasts instead of the title of the show. The new feature in Google Search is all about how to better index the podcasts themselves.

Google will allow you to use this new feature within Search for both the mobile version and the desktop version. If you head to the Google Podcasts site and look for what you want, you will see a new card labeled “Recent Episodes” of that show. If you click this then you will be taken to podcasts.google.com which is a great website for indexed podcasts.

It will be similar in overall look and experience as the Android version. If you are on iOS, you can select play and the controls will be shown. You will also be able to see on the interface the rewind and forward option. On iOS, you will also be able to change the playback speed as well. The only downside here is that you can rewind only 10 seconds but fast-forward 30 seconds. We wished that there was either a 10 second or 30 second option across both of those controls.

Google Podcasts App for iOS Similar to Android Version

The fact that the iOS version will be just like the Android version is great news. It brings a level of consistency across the various platforms. Whether you are on the web version, Android version or iOS version, you will get the same experience. The only real difference here is that the web version is not going to have the sleep timer that the Android version has. When Google Podcasts rolls out to iOS, it will have the sleep timer and even more.

What we love about this feature is that you will not need to sign into your Google account either. If you do sign into your Google account, you will be able to sync up your playback across all of your devices. This is a cross-platform app that is free and will definitely be beneficial to those on iOS who also use Google Assistant devices.

If you use your device right now, you likely will see the podcasts already showing up with the Google Search results. So not only can you search for the podcasts using Google Search now, but you will also be able to play those podcasts using Google Search too.

Are You Excited for Google Podcasts on iOS?

There are many people who were able to use the new function through Google Search on Android for over a year now. A lot of people loved the fact that you could use Google Assistant with this and search or listen to the audio using Assistant. People on iOS will now have the option and those with Google Assistant or other smart devices will love the new playing ability. We want to know about your thoughts on the new Google Podcasts being put into Google Search.

Are you someone who listens to a lot of podcasts and have trouble finding just the right podcast app or player? Do you think that Google integrating this into the Search is going to be useful? Are you someone who regularly uses Google Assistant or do you still like to manually type in what you are looking for? What other features do you hope that Google can integrate into both the desktop Google Search and the iOS version of Google Search?