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Google Project Fi Gets Allo’s Smart Reply Feature for Android Messages

Jan 28, 2018

If you are part of the Google Project Fi program, you might be happy to know that you are getting the Allo Smart Reply feature for Android Messages. It was first thought that Allo’s Smart Reply feature would be coming to Android Messages for everyone. Google has since clarified and said that only those part of the Project Fi program will be getting the Smart Reply feature on Android Messages. Project Fi is the mobile virtual network operator and your phone has to be part of this in order to get the feature.

Allo’s Smart Reply Feature Comes to Phones on Project Fi

If you have a phone that is part of the Google Project Fi program, you should notice that Allo’s Smart Reply feature has hit your Android Messages app. The Allo app itself, has not done very well, although a few people seem to have enjoyed the chat app. That could be why Google has decided to bring the Smart Reply feature from Google Allo over to Android Messages. You can just text with one tap on your Android device using the Smart Reply feature, but you need to be part of Project Fi in order to see the new option.

That is definitely a downside here, because only a small group of people have Project Fi. If you have not heard about the Smart Reply feature before, it will suggest a quick reply for your text message. The suggested reply will show up above your keyboard. From there, just click to send that Smart Reply to the recipient. It is very easy, especially if you are on the go and cannot actually type out a reply yourself. This is also part of the machine learning that Google has been working on and implementing in some apps.

Smart Reply Feature Only for Google Project Fi For Now

Smart Reply is able to use the machine learning capabilities of Google to analyze your incoming message and then figure out what reply would work best. There are a few different suggestions that Smart Reply will give you, based on the conversation itself and what would make sense as a reply. It will also suggest a quick message if someone sends you a photo. That is pretty cool that the technology is able to decipher a photo and then suggest a reply based off of the photo image. This means if someone sends you a picture of something like a flower, the reply might say “cute dog!” or something similar.

Eventually, everyone will have access to the Smart Reply feature through Android Messages, although that will not be for a while. Since this is for Project Fi right now, that means those who have the Moto X4, Nexus or Pixel smartphones, will be the small group able to test out the feature in Android Messages. We hope that by the summertime, the new Allo Smart Reply feature will be available to everyone who uses Android Messages.

Even though Google Allo expanded to the desktop and supports more languages, by itself it is not something people have been quick to try out. Tell us in the comments if you have used Google Allo before and whether or not you like the Smart Reply feature. Do you have one of the devices in the Project Fi program? If so, how do you like the program and do you think the new Smart Reply feature will be useful to you?

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