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Google Releases Gboard on Android

Dec 12, 2016

Good news if you have an Android device, as Google finally has released Gboard for Android devices. Gboard was already pushed out for iOS earlier in the year, and Android users were not happy about this search-centric keyboard only being out on iOS. Well, Google finally pushed out the search-centric keyboard for Android, and this comes after Google promised it would be out for Android within the year.

Gboard for Android Finally Released

You will get the new Gboard update on Android as a normal Google Keyboard update, but the search-centric keyboard will bring you quite a few new features and changes. Gboard for Android will look similar to Gboard that was released on iOS, so a lot of the features you see on your Android device are those that iOS users have been enjoying for over six months now. One thing you will be able to do is just tap the arrow on the left of the predictive text area and there will be a lot more options and features available there for you now.


One thing you will also notice is that if you expand the magnifying glass, you will see a small browser window appear. This small browser window will then be where you can quickly search Google for what you are looking for. This small browser window will allow you to send GIFs, texts, pictures, and videos to your friends quickly, and this will help you communicate with friends and family better. The settings and themes also can be changed from the options bar. You will also be able to enable dictation and turn on the one-handed mode in that options bar too, so there is a lot of customization and changes you can make just in the options section.

Not only will you get all this with Gboard, but you will notice a new search field for emojis. You will be able to toggle on a dedicated number row in the settings too. There is a “G” button in the predictive text show that you can choose to either have present or you can hide it if you want as well. The gesture typing that Google uses has also been renamed with this update, and it is now called Glide Typing. There does not appear to be any changes to Glide Typing, so it should work as it always has on your Android device.


The update and new Gboard should be hitting your Android device now via an over-the-air update. It might take a few days or a week for all Android devices to get this new Google keyboard as Google often does updates in waves depending on device and manufacturer. If you would like to use Gboard now instead of waiting for the over-the-air update, you can download the new Google keyboard for your Android device now by going to the Google Play Store. Another way you can get this update immediately is to go over to APK Mirror and download the Google-signed and certified APK.