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Google Releases Motion Stills App on Android

Jul 21, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might want to know about Motion Stills, which is an app developed by Google. This app was released on iOS last year, which was primarily in order to help people on iOS do more with the Live Photos they have. Google has decided that Motion Stills should be released for Android because it could be very useful. We have all of the latest news on the Motion Stills Android release, including what new features you will find.

Motion Stills Releases on Android

If you have not heard about Motion Stills before, it was an app developed by Google to turn your photos in sharable GIFs and animated funny stills. For iOS users, this app was useful because of Live Photos, and it allowed people to stabilize or edit their photos. Motion Stills will become obsolete soon when iOS 11 releases since iOS 11 has built-in-tools for the animation and editing. The Android version, according to Google, will be able to do even more than the iOS version.

For people on Android, they might not think they need an app like Motion Stills, since so many other apps are available. While there are definitely a lot of great options out there, Motion Stills is a product that Google has been developing using the latest technology and innovation. Google has been developing this app to be better than what Live Photos was. The company also has been developing this app so that it will work instantaneously, giving you the option to share your short clips and GIFs immediately.

Since we are talking primarily about the Android release, we wanted to tell you about the changes being made to Motion Stills for Android. The new version for Android will allow you to change your longer clips and videos into shorter clips. This new feature is being called Fast Forward, and it will essentially allow you to make several short clips out of one big clip. Each clip in Fast Forward can only be 60 seconds long, and it will process the video and information right on your Android device. You will be able to go up to 8x playback speed or you can go down to the normal 1x play speed.

More Motion Stills Features & Details

In terms of Fast Forward and other new features in Motion Stills, Google explained how new technology was helping make the app better. Some of the new technology includes I-Frame Spacing that is a lot denser, and we know how complicated that sounds. This new technology basically allows for playback and seeking in a more detailed and efficient way.

There is also long-range stabilization involved with this technology, and a lot of other things that are very in-depth and innovative. Google essentially has used this new technology to make a smoother and more detailed clips app for you. You will also notice that with the new technology being used, it helps increase the stability.

Another new feature in the Android version of Motion Stills is a new recording function. In this new version, short and sharable clips are automatically and immediately transformed from the videos that you capture. On Android, just head over to the Motion Stills app and click to capture a Motion Still. This can be something like a video or something like photos.

Once you have caught the Motion Still on your Android device, the app immediately will give you short clips up to 60 seconds long. If you have used an iOS device, this might be similar to Live Photos to you in terms of the functionality. The difference here is that Motion Stills can do a lot of things Live Photos could not do, including making a ton of short clips and animations out of longer videos.

You will find that the new Motion Stills features on Android will allow you to have more fun with your friends and family. You will be able to make these short clips immediately, which means you can instantly share your clips through social media sites. The new app and features will enhance your overall experience with both the app and the photo editing and animating aspect. We also cannot forget that with this app, you will be able to edit your videos and photos, and enhance various aspects of your images like never before.

If you would like to check out the new Motion Stills on Android, you can head over to Google Play Store right now. This app is free to use and it will work on any Android device that has Android 5.1 or later. Even if you do not know anything about making a GIF or anything like that, this app is simple enough and helpful enough that you will be able to make them within minutes.