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Google search chief Amit Singhal quit the company

Feb 4, 2016

Google search chief Amit Singhal quit the company: According to Alphabet Inc., which is Google’s parent, the present chief of the company’s internet search business, Amit Singhal, will resign from his post on 26th February, 2016. It is being said that his place will be taken up by John Giannandrea, the head of the research and artificial intelligent business of Google.

Google search chief Amit Singhal
Google search chief Amit Singhal

Amit Singhal has been a part of the Google Company since 15 years and on Wednesday morning he announced his plan of leaving the company via a post on Google+. He said that in his next 15 years he wants to “give back to others”, specifically to the less fortunate people. Singhal wishes to spend more time with his family members and wants to “give and do more”. Therefore he has taken the decision of leaving the Company and now he wants to focus on fulfilling his new wish.

Singhal referred to his life as a ‘dream journey’ in his blog. As a boy living in Himalaya he used to dream of the Star Trek computers, unknown to the fact that he was soon going to become the person responsible for Search at Google. He said that when he had first come to the United States he just had two suitcases with him and now he is the chief of the Search business of one of the biggest companies of the world.

Amit Singhal was the senior vice president of search and he was given the title of Google fellow, which is a great achievement and is only given to the eminent engineers of the company. He will now be replaced by John Giannandrea, whose appointment emphasizes the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Silicon Valley.

Giannandrea has been a part of the Google Company since 2010 and he has led the Google’s machine learning effort by applying the technology to the products like the smart reply for Google Inbox and the image recognition for Google Photos.

Going by the reports of Recode, the Google Company has realized the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Search and therefore it is planning to merge Search with Artificial Intelligence. In an emailed statement Google had mentioned that Machine Intelligence is ‘crucial’ for Search so as to build an intelligent assistant which would connect the users to information and actions in the real world.

Apart from Google, there are other famous companies who have realized the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence and are therefore planning their strategies and moves by giving significant consideration to Artificial Intelligence.

The Apple Inc has also recognized the worth of Artificial Intelligence in today’s time and therefore it has been reported that the company had bought an Artificial Intelligence startup Emotient in the last month. Even the other companies are giving attention towards their Artificial Intelligence department like the in case of Tesla Motors its chief executive Elon Musk has announced that in December their company will be funding around $1 billion to an AI non-profit.