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Google Search on iOS Now Includes Streaming Services in Results

Apr 27, 2017

Google search on iOS just got an update, which will allow you to find the various media you want quickly and easily. The new changes to Google Search hit Android a while back, but now iOS is getting the new media-oriented results within Google Search. If you have an iOS device and tend to Google search, then continue reading to learn about the new search card changes.

Google Search Now Includes iTunes & Apple Music in Results on iOS

The really good news here is that if you have an iOS device and Google search, you will now be able to see the media links to the content from within the search results. Apple Music and iTunes, along with Google Play, YouTube, and Hulu will now show up on the search results. The change coming from Google is aimed at helping you find songs, movies, and television shows that are available through various streaming services and content providers. If you simply perform a Google search about a topic, such as a famous singer, you will now be able to click icons from within the search results to listen to the music.

You will notice that the Google search will show you the icons of all of the places where you can find the music from that singer, or find the shows in which the actor you looked up is found. An example of this would be if you searched for something like “The Departed” through a Google Search, it will offer search results about the reviews, photos, cast, and other important details. You will also see icons that will show you where you can watch “The Departed” online, such as on Amazon Video or iTunes. Whether the media content is available for streaming or for sale, Google search will now show you all of the places where that content is available.

Google will also be notifying you in the results about the prices of the content you are searching for through the various services. Since Google will show you Amazon, Hulu, ABC, Amazon Video, and more, it is going to tell you about whether the content costs you money or not. Some streaming services, like Amazon Video, will charge you a few bucks to rent the movie you are looking for. This will help you find the best deal on the content you are trying to watch and allows you to see the various deals going on at some of the streaming services.

The Google search is also going to show you music streaming services too, which include Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music. You will find this information on the right side of the Knowledge Panel that shows up when you search for something. If the music streaming service is free, you can choose to click and listen to the song or band you are looking up. It will also tell you the price of purchasing the song through the services that require you to pay per song or for a subscription.

The Google Search Change Importance

This is an important change for Google search results because it is being a lot more helpful overall when it comes to finding movies and music or television shows. It also is very easy to get a virus on your device by going to the wrong website that tells you that you could watch the content for free. Now, when you are on your iOS device, you will be able to see the legit and safe places that you can go to listen to or download the content that you want.

It is also very cool because with so many legit places to find media and content online, you might not even know which the best is or which one is free compared to which ones cost money. Google is trying to not only help you figure this stuff out, but also make Google search something people will be interested in doing regardless of the device they are on or which app they used before to make these searches.