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Google will Launch Standalone ‘Android VR’ Headset Next Week

May 13, 2016

Google will Launch Standalone ‘Android VR’ Headset Next Week: Rumours have been in the air that Google00 has been working on the standalone VR headset that will not require an Android smartphone to power it, like the Google Cardboard or Gear VR do. At Google I/O the company was expected to showcase the VR headset, which will kick off the next week, so apart from showing the enhancements in Android that will make the platform more virtual reality friendly. Now, a new report is coming to access fresh details about the standalone VR headset from Google.Google will Launch Standalone ‘Android VR’ Headset Next Week

Google will Launch Standalone ‘Android VR’ Headset Next Week

In the series of tweets, tech journalism pioneer Peter Rojas have made several claims about the Google’s rumoured standalone VR headset. This headset may be called as the Android VR and it will definitely be launched in the next week. He also added that the headset will be quite less powerful than the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but it will be better than the Samsung Gear VR that is made in the collaboration with the Facebook owned by Oculus VR. It will run off the hardware similar to the smartphone.

Do note that these rumours are pointing to the standalone or at least untethered headset, though it also said that Google will be working on the next generation of Google cardboard, which is apart from the better casing, lenses and sensors, it will also act as the reference design for the VR headsets from the other manufacturers.

Meanwhile in the last month Samsung, the biggest Android smartphone OEM of Google has announced that it was developing the standalone headset, and one will not require any smartphone or desktop to operate and it will be fully wireless.

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Google will definitely be concentrating on VR and we are expecting to see some improvements to Android to facilitate this vision that will announced at I/O next week. The company recently also created the new division that is dedicated to the virtual reality.