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Google’s SkyBender could deliver super fast 5G internet with the use of drones

Feb 1, 2016

Google’s SkyBender could deliver super fast 5G internet with the use of drones: One of the leading and top most companies of the world, Google, state that they are capable of providing high speed internet facilities to all the consumers with the help of drones. According to the statistical records, more than forty percent of the population of the world uses an internet connection.

Google Titan solar drone
Google Titan solar drone

Google has a sole aim in keeping the entire world connected and together, that is but obvious if you consider that the business of Google is mostly related to searching and all kinds of browsing features. Google has launched several projects for helping people connect better. One of the projects that Google has launched is the Project Loon. The project aimed at bringing a lot of area, specifically the under developed areas, under internet circles. They used floating balloons to do the needful, which helped the people communicate.

However far they go, Google does not have any plan of stopping, their Giant quest is never satisfied, it wants to the utmost for connecting the people even more. There is a report that states that Google is now about to launch a new movement called ‘SkyBlender’. The concept of this project is very much alike the previous one that is the ‘Project Loon’. However there lies a difference that in this, instead of floating balloons, they will be using drones as means of communication.

These drones will be self flying drones and will work on the wave technology. Drones are efficient and so the project sounds effective. According to their estimates, they have predicted that by using this technology, they will be able to provide super high speed 5G internet facility to all the consumers. They will be able to provide every user several gigabits of data in just one second that is it will be forty times faster than the recent 4G speed.

Google Titan drone
Google Titan drone

To test this fabulous idea and preview the projects practicality, Google has rents a fifteen thousand square feet space of Virgin Galactica. The place is situated in Mexico and just beside a town which is named Truth. Google has reported to hold all the tests in that area which is devoid of human population. Google has forbidden the people concerned to take any photographs of the place where they are carrying out their project, thus a notion of the place and the happenings are not known properly. Neither are any devices known or the descriptions of the drones used.

Now, the world waits for the Google’s fabulous gadget to be launched. People all over the world wait for their declaration, photographs and videos giving details about the technology and the project.

High speed internet is dearer to a man than anything else on this planet. If people can get an internet speed of several gigabits per second, there is nothing else that anyone would ever want. We all wait for our fingers crossed. Google has never disappointed us. They will surely shock us with great news very soon.