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Goverment asked Google to select partner of ‘internet ballon’ project

Feb 29, 2016

Goverment asked Google to select partner of ‘internet ballon’ project: Google’s internet ballon project is all set for testing. The government says that the company should choose a partner for the testing of the internet balloon. The Loon project in the country selects a telecom operator further testing.internet ballon

The giant tech company wishes to test the Internet balloon in very expensive bands and the Telecom partners which they choose should be able to meet the requirement. Officials said that the telecom operators check out the needful and then approach the government.

According to news, Google wishes to choose BSNL as the telecom communicator. Thus, The company will experiment and the project in the required spectrums which will be held by the company BSNL. The spectrum band that Google is seeking for will be thus resolved by this approach and the security of the entire thing will also be maintained.

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However, the email which was sent to the giant tech company by the government was not answered. Google claims that the mentioned project, The Loon Project does have immense potential and that will help the replacement of all mobile towers. The Internet balloons will alone direct signals on all the mobile phones and will also support 4G connections.

The telecom department is now directing the tech company BSNL to look into the matter and provide all the requirements so that they can be successful in the project. The associated meetings related to the project will be held in the months of October and November this year.

Google wants to perform the test in a 700 Mhz band which is quite expensive but on the same hand very efficient. Thus the band usually is not allocated for any service provider. The minimum price at which this band has been auctioned is Rs. 11,485 crore per Mhz. Also the company has to purchase a minimum of 5 Mhz.

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Google will now be floating big internet balloons at an approximate height of 20 km above the surface of the Earth. The technology has already been tested in several countries around the world. Google is also using solar panels as well as wind for the project.