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Gravity Turns Your iPhone Into Scales

Oct 30, 2015

Every day, technology has been used to replace common household items. The latest household object which could be replaced by a smartphone is a weighing scale.

Huawei has very recently revealed a new screen phone which can be used to weigh small objects, thanks to pressure sensitivity. The new application, called Gravity, promises to provide the same functionality to users of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models.

Gravity takes advantage of the iPhone’s new 3D Touch technology and display, in order to use the smartphone to weigh small objects. However, Apple did not seem like the concept, because they rejected the application to be sold on the App Store.

More About Gravity


The move application, called Gravity, was developed by a design engineer who is based in California, called Ryan McLeod. He wrote a blog post regarding the development process on Medium.

The application can be calibrated using quarters (American coins), which must be placed on a spoon. Once Gravity has been recalibrated, they can weigh items up to 385g (or 0.8lbs).

The developer also confirmed that spoon is completely necessary in order to calculate Gravity correctly. This is because the spoon is an object which is conductive, like the finger. The selected object also needed a singular touch point for it to work correctly. On top of that, the developer said that he wanted the object to be a household item which is very easy to get hold of – the spoon was the absolutely perfect solution which he had been looking for.

There is also a demonstration video which shows, after being calibrated, Gravity weighing multiple items such as a 100g weight, some coins, and a plug. The video is published in an attempt to prove that the feature was useful and functional, and did exactly what it claimed today.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Gravity application will be available anytime soon. Apple has rejected Gravity, which is likely because of one of their own policies. Apple can probably see themselves having to replace multiple screens if Gravity became a success. However, if we see a feature similar to the iPhone’s 3D Touch in an android device, Google may accept on the Play Store.

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