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Gris- A Visually Stunning Platform Adventure Hits iOS Next Week

Aug 16, 2019

We are very excited to tell you that Gris is going to be coming to iOS on August 22, which is only a week away. This game is a visually stunning platform adventure game that was initially released for the Nintendo Switch and PC last year. It has become one of the most critically-acclaimed games of the past year with amazing and beautiful graphics. We have all of the latest information about Gris finally hitting iOS devices next week, so keep reading to learn all about it.

Gris Hits iOS on August 22

Gris is a visually stunning adventure platform game that has received critical acclaim after it was released last year for the Nintendo Switch and PC. What is most appealing about this game is the incredible story and graphics, with most people calling this game beautiful and melancholy. The developer of the game is Nomada Studios and the company is finally bringing the game to the mobile world with the upcoming iOS release on August 22.

In the game you will see younger woman who doesn’t have a name, but you have to follow her adventures in the very strange world she has made herself. You won’t find any death or gore in this game, and there isn’t even any combat in this game. Instead of gore and violence, Gris focuses on platforming and puzzles. As you move through the game, the puzzles and platforming become more complex and you’ll need a lot of strategy to get through them.

Gris Offers Amazing Audio & Visual Effects

What Gris offers that many other games lack is the stunning visual and audio effects. Most games focus on the adventure more than the story. In this game, you will get an incredible visual and audio experience along with an amazing story as you follow this nameless girl into multiple puzzles and adventures. As you explore in the game and progress, you will notice that there are new abilities available to you.

We also know the price of the game is going to be $4.99 for iOS and you can actually pre-order the game right now. It will hit for both the iPad and iPhone on August 22, so go ahead and pre-order this game so that you’ll be one of the first people to try out the game the day it’s released. You can also read the reviews of Gris and see just how magical and whimsical this game is and how critically-acclaimed the game has become since it was released at the end of 2018.

Are You Going to be Playing Gris on Your iOS Device?

We want to know whether or not you will be one of many to play Gris on your iOS device next week. Is this a game you’ve heard of before and are you excited that it will be coming out for iOS devices? Do you think that this game will translate just as well graphically on iOS?

Are you someone who thinks that some of the magic will be lost going from Nintendo Switch and PC to the mobile world? If you’ve already played this game on the PC or Nintendo Switch, we also want to know if you will be trying it out on iOS too or if you will just stick with the version you already own?

Once the game is released next week, we want you to come back here and tell us what you think about the game. Do you think the graphics are just as stunning as people have said before? What do you think is so captivating about this young nameless girl? Tell us the parts of the game you like and dislike and whether or not you think it’s worth the hype.