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Grocery Shopping List App “Capitan” Recently Updated

Oct 30, 2015

Running errands or doing groceries is usually not at the top of someone’s favorite activities, especially if you are forgetful (which means that you might need to run the errand again). A simple and not so much time consuming activity such as grocery shopping can quickly turn into an activity that takes a long time. Grocery Shopping List application Capitan will lend you a hand on both your smartphone and your smartwatch.

Both Android and iOS devices have built-in note-taking applications, which you could in principle use to do your weekly grocery shopping; however, people who are forgetful will always take a separate piece of paper with them, just to not forget what he or she needs to purchase. Of course, this could be done in a way easier way, and once you start using Capitan, you will definitely not need any other application or paper lists anymore.


Capitan learns your grocery habits

The Grocery Shopping List application Capitan learns from your grocery habits and adapts itself to take advantage of that. When you first start using Capitan, you will have to manually type in what should be on your list, but after a few errands, the app will suggest items that you might want to purchase again, because you always put those items on your list.

The application supports several different languages; however, only the English words are already categorized properly (Apple in Fruits for example). This means that if you do not speak English, you will have to manually input everything and categorize them, whenever you first start using Capitan. Of course, after you have categorized a certain item, the application will remember your input and will automatically fill it in the next time.

The application lets you easily create multiple shopping lists. For example, you can create a shopping list for an upcoming birthday party, a weekly grocery list and outline the items that you will need for the Christmas dinner. You are able to save your lists in Capitan, and use them as many times as you want to.

A very nice feature in Capitan is that you can create a list on your Android or iOS smartphone, which is then send automatically to your smartwatch. This means that you simply could look at the smartwatch on your wrist, in order to find out what you wanted to purchase to begin with. You can easily tick off items on your list by tapping on the screen of your smartwatch, which is a very nice feature for a smartwatch application.


Known Capitan bugs fixed

Capitan becomes very useful if there are multiple people using the application. By creating joint lists, you will be able to see if new items are being added or crossed of the lists. You will also be able to quickly add your own items to the lists, if you have forgotten to purchase a certain item for example, and your mother is on her way to the grocery store.

There are alternative grocery shopping applications on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store; however, none of them can really with Capitan, especially because Capitan has a very sleek design that allows you to easily navigate through the app.

The problem with Capitan was that adding other people to your lists does not exactly work flawlessly. People usually complain about the fact that they create lists and tried to add other people to it; however, for some reason, Capitan can’t establish a connection with your contacts. The developers behind Capitan noticed the bug and quickly fixed it.


Grocery shopping list app Capitan conclusion

Because of its fresh design, Capitan is a very accessible and easy to use shopping list application, especially if you go through the trouble of manually adding your own products on the list. Capitan’s suggestions are usually spot on, and the application works very nicely with either your Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch.

It is very nice to see that there are still app developers out there that respond to the users of their application. The developers quickly fixed the “joint lists” bug, allowing you to easily share your lists with other people. On top of that, the developers also fixed the onboarding layout bug and made the application work more efficiently.

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