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Hacktag Officially Released on Steam February 14

Feb 2, 2018

We have good news about the new cooperative stealth game called Hacktag, as it is set to be released on Steam in the next couple weeks. Officially, Hacktag will hit Steam on February 14, which is Valentine’s Day. This is a two-player game and a lot of people are already excited about this cooperative stealth game coming to Steam. If you have a Steam account, read on to learn more about Hacktag.

Hacktag Hits Steam on Valentine’s Day

This new co-op game is a two-player stealth game, which is all about rival spy agencies. The two spies in the game are coming from two different agencies, and they have to try to work together. Working together is huge in this game since both spies are trying to infiltrate corporations.

In this parallel world, there are a lot of anthropomorphic animals. Now, if all of this is sounding familiar to you, that could be because Hacktag actually was on Steam Early Access. The game launched on Steam Early Access back in the summer, so it is possible you have already played this game or at least saw the demo for it.

Piece of Cake, the developer behind Hacktag, finally announced the game was being released February 14. That is not too bad really, considering over the summer it was on Steam Early Access. Seems about right on the typical six-months between Steam Early Access and the official release of Steam games. It might actually still be on Steam Early Access, although it should be leaving any time now. If you have not played this game or heard of it, we have more details to tell you about.

Hacktag Game Details

We wanted to tell you more on the game itself, which begins with the game being set in 2029. This is an alternative universe where the anthropomorphic animals have taken over. Similar to how we get information, there are hackers that are hired by agencies to get certain information. One player takes on the role of the hacker, while the other player is the field agent.

These two players are trying to steal the information from one another, and are being hired out by various corporations. The hacker has to remember to avoid the anti-virus software, while the field agent has to try to avoid being caught by guards. You can work in solo mode, which means you can switch yourself between the field agent and the hacker. If you want to do the co-op mode, then the hacker and field agent can work together.

Even More Hacktag Steam Game Details

One cool thing about this game is that there is a local co-op and an online co-op mode, so you can figure out which way you want to go. While solo is an option, the developer said this game was specifically made for co-op. Many tasks in the game require both the hacker and the field agent, although some tasks can be completed by one or the other. Once the game comes out of Steam Early Access, the price will not go up.

With the game in Steam Early Access, it was $20, so the price of the game is not going up after it leaves. The good thing is that for the first week of release, the game will go down in price to $15. So if you have not picked up the game for $20 in Steam Early Access, you will be able to get the game at the $15 sale price the week it comes out. Tell us in the comments if you have tried out the game already on Steam Early Access. Are you excited about this game or do you think it is lacking in an area? What are your thoughts on both the online and local co-op abilities?